Prepaid Excess Baggage

Got extra baggage in life?
Introducing Prepaid Excess Baggage! When you find yourself with an extra luggage for the flight, simply upsize your baggage allowance at time of booking by availing of our Prepaid Excess Baggage service.

Book this and get 20% off excess baggage rates on selected routes than those charged at the airport check-in counter. You can bring more bags and enjoy savings at the same time.


1. When will this service be available?
-It has been available since September 2, 2008.

2. Why is Cebu Pacific offering this option?
– For Cebu Pacific, this is another way for you to save on airfare. And with excess baggage fees already settled, you can have a quicker check-in.

3. How does this work?
– When you book, just tell Cebu Pacific if you want to avail of this prepaid option so that it will be quickly added to your final flight purchase price.

4. What are the charges on this option?
Please click here to download the fee.

5. Can I enjoy the same rates at the airport?
– No, standard excess baggage rates will already apply at the airport. Prepaid excess baggage must be booked and paid upon booking of flight.

6. Can I get a refund on my prepaid fees?
No, the fee is non-refundable.

7. Is this rebookable?
– Yes, it is rebookable.

8. My flight was cancelled due to force majeure. Can my prepaid fees be applied to my rebooked flight?
– Yes, you may apply your prepaid fees to your new flight.

9. Oops. What if my checked baggage exceeds the prepaid weight? What now?
– If actual weight exceeds the prepaid excess weight, standard excess baggage rates will apply to the excess. If actual weight is less than the weight prepaid, excess amount will be forfeited.

10. I feel generous. Can I transfer this to a relative or friend?
– Yes, this is transferable when you transfer your booking to another person. This may also apply to pooling – that is, when 2 or more guests under 1 booking reference present themselves and their checked baggage for check-in at the same time at the airport, they may combine their individual checked baggage allowance and prepaid excess baggage rates.

11. I bought so many things and my baggage now weighs 45kg. Can I still avail of the prepaid baggage option?
– You are entitled to a 15kg FBA (regular Go fare paying guest) and you may avail of both 5kg and 25kg prepaid excess baggage options.