AirAsia Promos 2022 – Travel This Year with these Deals!

AirAsia Promos 2022: AirAsia is offering some great deals for travel in 2022! If you’ve been dreaming of visiting a certain destination, now is the time to book your flight. With fares this low, you can finally go on a trip to your dream destination, fly for business or pleasure! So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets today!

Airasia Promos 2022

Check Out AirAsia Promos 2022

Search for your destination and check out the latest flight promos from AirAsia Philippines:

RouteAirAsia Promos
Manila to Antique
Antique to Manila
Manila to BacolodP80
Bacolod to Manila
Manila to Batanes
Batanes to Manila
Manila to Bohol (Tagbilaran)P460
Bohol (Tagbilaran) to Manila
Manila to BoracayP350
Boracay to Manila
Manila to Butuan
Butuan to Manila
Manila to Cagayan de OroP80
Cagayan de Oro to Manila
Manila to Calbayog
Calbayog to Manila
Manila to Camiguin
Camiguin to Manila
Manila to Catarman
Catarman to Manila
Manila to Cauayan
Cauayan to Manila
Manila to CebuP80
Cebu to Manila
Manila to Coron
Coron to Manila
Manila to Cotabato
Cotabato to Manila
Manila to DavaoP80
Davao to Manila
Manila to Dipolog
Dipolog to Manila
Manila to DumagueteP460
Dumaguete to Manila
Manila to El Nido
El Nido to Manila
Manila to General Santos
General Santos to Manila
Manila to IloiloP80
Iloilo to Manila
Manila to KaliboP80
Kalibo to Manila
Manila to Laoag
Laoag to Manila
Manila to Legazpi
Legazpi to Manila
Manila to Marinduque
Marinduque to Manila
Manila to Masbate
Masbate to Manila
Manila to Naga
Naga to Manila
Manila to Ozamiz
Ozamiz to Manila
Manila to Pagadian
Pagadian to Manila
Manila to Puerto PrincesaP200
Puerto Princesa to Manila
Manila to RoxasP260
Roxas to Manila
Manila to San Jose (Mindoro)
San Jose (Mindoro) to Manila
Manila to Siargao
Siargao to Manila
Manila to Surigao
Surigao to Manila
Manila to Tablas
Tablas to Manila
Manila to TaclobanP500
Tacloban to Manila
Manila to Tuguegarao
Tuguegarao to Manila
Manila to Virac
Virac to Manila
Manila to ZamboangaP200
Zamboanga to Manila
Cebu to Bacolod
Bacolod to Cebu
Cebu to Butuan
Butuan to Cebu
Cebu to Cagayan de OroP70
Cagayan de Oro to Cebu
Cebu to BoracayP70
Boracay to Cebu
Cebu to Calbayog
Calbayog to Cebu
Cebu to ClarkP70
Clark to Cebu
Cebu to DavaoP70
Davao to Cebu
Cebu to Iloilo
Iloilo to Cebu
Cebu to Siargao
Siargao to Cebu
Cebu to Surigao
Surigao to Cebu
Cebu to Tacloban
Tacloban to Cebu
Cebu to Zamboanga
Zamboanga to Cebu
Cebu to Camiguin
Camiguin to Cebu
Cebu to Coron
Coron to Cebu
Cebu to Dipolog
Dipolog to Cebu
Cebu to Dumaguete
Dumaguete to Cebu
Cebu to General Santos
General Santos to Cebu
Cebu to Ozamiz
Ozamiz to Cebu
Cebu to Pagadian
Pagadian to Cebu
Iloilo to General Santos
General Santos to Iloilo
Davao to Iloilo
Iloilo to Davao
Davao to Bohol
Bohol to Davao
Davao to Zamboanga
Zamboanga to Davao
Zamboanga to Tawi-Tawi
Tawi-Tawi to Zamboanga
Clark to BoracayP330
Boracay to Clark
Cebu to El Nido
El Nido to Cebu
El Nido to Boracay
Boracay to El Nido
Clark to El Nido
El Nido to Clark
Bohol to El Nido
El Nido to Bohol
Coron to El Nido
El Nido to Coron
Cebu to Puerto PrincesaP70
Puerto Princesa to Cebu
Clark to Puerto PrincesaP760
Puerto Princesa to Clark
Clark to DavaoP520
Davao to Clark
Clark to TaclobanP510
Tacloban to Clark
Clark to Cagayan de OroP190
Cagayan de Oro to Clark
Manila to Kota KinabaluP1110
Kota Kinabalu to Manila
Manila to Hanoi
Hanoi to Manila
Manila to Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh to Manila
Manila to Shanghai
Shanghai to Manila
Manila to Jakarta
Jakarta to Manila
Manila to BaliP1710
Bali to Manila
Manila to SingaporeP1010
Singapore to Manila
Manila to Hong KongP1410
Hong Kong to Manila
Clark to Bacolod
Bacolod to Clark
Manila to Macau
Macau to Manila
Manila to TaipeiP1710
Taipei to Manila
Manila to Seoul (Incheon)P1510
Seoul (Incheon) to Manila
Manila to BangkokP1610
Bangkok to Manila
Manila to Kuala LumpurP710
Kuala Lumpur to Manila
Manila to Fukuoka
Fukuoka to Manila
Manila to Nagoya
Nagoya to Manila
Manila to OsakaP4090
Osaka to Manila
Manila to Tokyo (Narita)
Tokyo (Narita) to Manila
Manila to Dubai
Dubai to Manila
Manila to Xiamen
Xiamen to Manila
Cebu to Legazpi
Legazpi to Cebu
Manila to Brunei
Brunei to Manila
Manila to Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh to Manila
Manila to Guam
Guam to Manila
Manila to Port Moresby
Port Moresby to Manila
Manila to Busan
Busan to Manila
Manila to Brisbane
Brisbane to Manila
Manila to Melbourne
Melbourne to Manila
Manila to Sydney
Sydney to Manila
Manila to Dammam
Dammam to Manila
Manila to Doha
Doha to Manila
Manila to Riyadh
Riyadh to Manila
Manil to Honolulu
Honolulu to Manila
Manila to Los Angeles
Los Angeles to Manila
Manila to San Francisco
San Francisco to Manila
Manila to Vancouver
Vancouver to Manila
Manila to New York
New York to Manila
Cebu to Seoul (Incheon)P1410
Seoul (Incheon) to Cebu
Cebu to Los Angeles
Los Angeles to Cebu
Cebu to Dubai (via Manila)
Dubai to Cebu (via Manila)
Cebu to Doha (via Manila)
Doha to Cebu (via Manila)
Cebu to Honolulu (via Manila)
Honolulu to Manila (via Manila)
Cebu to Los Angeles (via Manila)
Los Angeles to Cebu (via Manila)
Cebu to San Francisco (via Manila)
San Francisco to Cebu (via Manila)
Cebu to Vancouver (via Manila)
Vancouver to Cebu (via Manila)
Cebu to New York (via Manila)
New York to Cebu (via Manila)
Cebu to Toronto (via Manila)
Toronto to Cebu (via Manila)
Clark to Incheon
Incheon to Clark
Cebu to Bohol
Bohol to Cebu
Manila to Toronto
Toronto to Manila
Manila to Honolulu
Honolulu to Manila
Cebu to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to Cebu
Davao to Cagayan de Oro
Cagayan de Oro to davao
Cotabato to Tawi-Tawi
Tawi-Tawi to Cotabato
Manila to Tawi-Tawi
Tawi-Tawi to Manila
Davao to Dubai (via Manila)
Dubai to Davao (via Manila)
Davao to Sydney (via Manila)
Sydney to Davao (Via Manila)
Davao to Melbourne (via Manila)
Melbourne to Davao (via Manila)
Davao to Brisbane (via Manila)
Brisbane to Davao (via Manila)
Cebu to SingaporeP1010
Singapore to Cebu
Davao to Bacolod
Bacolod to Davao
Cebu to Kuala LumpurP710

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Check Out the AirAsia Flight Schedule

Search for your “Origin to Destination” to check out the days and daily or weekly frequency of your flight from your origin to your destination from the table below:

RouteDistanceDurationAirAsia Flight Schedule
Manila to Antique427 km80 min
Antique to Manila427 km80 min
Manila to Bacolod468 km75 - 105 min3x daily
Bacolod to Manila468 km75 - 105 min3x daily
Manila to Batanes668 km105 min
Batanes to Manila668 km105 min
Manila to Bohol625 km80 - 100 min3x daily
Bohol to Manila625 km80 - 100 min3x daily
Manila to Boracay304 km60 - 95 min5x daily
Boracay to Manila304 km60 - 95 min5x daily
Manila to Butuan786 km85 - 120 min2x daily
Butuan to Manila786 km85 - 120 min2x daily
Manila to Cagayan de Oro782 km85 - 115 min4x daily
Cagayan de Oro to Manila782 km85 - 115 min4x daily
Manila to Calbayog467 km95 min
Calbayog to Manila467 km95 min
Manila to Camiguin707 km80 - 100 min
Camiguin to Manila707 km80 - 100 min
Manila to Catarman450 km95 min
Catarman to Manila450 km95 min
Manila to Cauayan280 km65 - 85 min
Cauayan to Manila280 km65 - 85 min
Manila to Cebu566 km70 - 120 min9x daily
Cebu to Manila566 km70 - 120 min9x daily
Manila to Coron283 km65 - 95 min
Coron to Manila283 km65 - 95 min
Manila to Cotabato888 km100 - 120 min
Cotabato to Manila888 km100 - 120 min
Manila to Davao963 km105 - 140 min4x daily
Davao to Manila963 km105 - 140 min4x daily
Manila to Dipolog704 km85 - 120 min
Dipolog to Manila704 km85 - 120 min
Manila to Dumaguete626 km75 - 100 min4x weekly (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
Dumaguete to Manila626 km75 - 100 min4x weekly (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
Manila to El Nido406 km80 min
El Nido to Manila406 km80 min
Manila to General Santos1041 km105 - 140 minWed, Fri
General Santos to Manila1041 km105 - 140 minWed, Fri
Manila to Iloilo439 km70 - 100 min4x daily
Iloilo to Manila439 km70 - 100 min4x daily
Manila to Kalibo347 km50 - 100 min3x daily
Kalibo to Manila347 km50 - 100 min3x daily
Manila to Laoag412 km65 - 70 min
Laoag to Manila412 km65 - 70 min
Manila to Legazpi329 km60 - 100 min
Legazpi to Manila329 km60 - 100 min
Manila to Marinduque154 km60 - 65 min
Marinduque to Manila154 km60 - 65 min
Manila to Masbate369 km80 - 105 min
Masbate to Manila369 km80 - 105 min
Manila to Naga263 km70 - 100 min
Naga to Manila263 km70 - 100 min
Manila to Ozamiz767 km95 - 120 min
Ozamiz to Manila767 km95 - 120 min
Manila to Pagadian789 km100 - 110 min
Pagadian to Manila789 km100 - 110 min
Manila to Puerto Princesa584 km75 - 100 min3x daily
Puerto Princesa to Manila584 km75 - 100 min3x daily
Manila to Roxas374 km60 - 80 min3x weekly (Tue, Thu, Sat)
Roxas to Manila374 km60 - 80 min3x weekly (Tue, Thu, Sat)
Manila to San Jose239 km70 - 75 min
San Jose to Manila239 km70 - 75 min
Manila to Siargao749 km120 - 160 min
Siargao to Manila749 km120 - 160 min
Manila to Surigao716 km140 min
Surigao to Manila716 km140 min
Manila to Tablas261 km80 - 85 min
Tablas to Manila261 km80 - 85 min
Manila to Tacloban566 km75 - 105 min5x daily
Tacloban to Manila566 km75 - 105 min5x daily
Manila to Tawi-Tawi1059 km185 - 215 min
Tawi-Tawi to Manila1059 km185 - 215 min
Manila to Tuguegarao356 km65 - 85 min
Tuguegarao to Manila356 km65 - 85 min
Manila to Virac358 km70 - 80 min
Virac to Manila358 km70 - 80 min
Manila to Zamboanga851 km100 - 120 minDaily
Zamboanga to Manila851 km100 - 120 minDaily
Cebu to Bacolod117 km40 - 55 min
Bacolod to Cebu117 km40 - 55 min
Cebu to Butuan224 km55 - 70 min
Butuan to Cebu224 km55 - 70 min
Cebu to Cagayan de Oro222 km45 - 65 min4x weekly (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Cagayan de Oro to Cebu222 km45 - 65 min4x weekly (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Cebu to Boracay284 km55 - 75 min3x weekly
Boracay to Cebu284 km55 - 75 min3x weekly
Cebu to Clark656 km75 - 100 min
Clark to Cebu656 km75 - 100 min
Cebu to Davao399 km60 - 75 min4x weekly (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Davao to Cebu399 km60 - 75 min4x weekly (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Cebu to Iloilo172 km50 - 65 min
Iloilo to Cebu172 km50 - 65 min
Cebu to Siargao228 km60 - 75 min
Siargao to Cebu228 km60 - 75 min
Cebu to Tacloban153 km45 to 60 min
Tacloban to Cebu153 km45 to 60 min
Cebu to Zamboanga432 km65 to 105 min
Zamboanga to Cebu432 km65 to 105 min
Cebu to Camiguin142 km55 min
Camiguin to Cebu142 km55 min
Cebu to Coron468 km80 to 105 min
Coron to Cebu468 km80 to 105 min
Cebu to Dipolog203 km60 to 70 min
Dipolog to Cebu203 km60 to 70 min
Cebu to Dumaguete132 km50 to 60 min
Dumaguete to Cebu132 km50 to 60 min
Cebu to General Santos487 km70 to 80 min
General Santos to Cebu487 km70 to 80 min
Cebu to Ozamiz238 km65 to 75 min
Ozamiz to Cebu238 km65 to 75 min
Cebu to Pagadian282 km75 to 80 min
Pagadian to Cebu282 km75 to 80 min
Iloilo to General Santos605 km75 to 90 min
General Santos to Iloilo605 km75 to 90 min
Davao to Iloilo538 km75 to 110 min
Iloilo to Davao538 km75 to 110 min
Davao to Bohol341 km75 to 85 min
Bohol to Davao341 km75 to 85 min
Zamboanga to Tawi-Tawi327 km50 to 60 min
Tawi-Tawi to Zamboanga327 km50 to 60 min
Clark to Boracay392 km60 to 80 min4x weekly (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Boracay to Clark392 km60 to 80 min4x weekly (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)
Cebu to El Nido508 km90 to 100 min
El Nido to Cebu508 km90 to 100 min
El Nido to Boracay288 km65 min
Boracay to El Nido288 km65 min
Clark to El Nido458 km60 to 70 min
El Nido to Clark458 km60 to 70 min
Bohol to El Nido515 km60 to 65 min
El Nido to Bohol515 km60 to 65 min
Coron to El Nido126 km40 to 50 min
El Nido to Coron126 km40 to 50 min
Manila to Singapore2373 km3 hr 30 min4x weekly (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
Singapore to Manila2373 km3 hr 30 min4x weekly (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
Manila to Hong Kong1145 km2 hrWeekly (Sat)
Hong Kong to Manila1145 km2 hrWeekly (Sat)
Manila to Guangzhou1277 km2 hr 30 min
Guangzhou to Manila1277 km2 hr 30 minTue
Manila to Bangkok2186 km3 hr 15 minDaily
Bangkok to Manila2186 km3 hr 15 minDaily
Manila to Dubai6902 km8 hr 35 min
Dubai to Manila6902 km8 hr 35 min
Dubai to Cebu7375 km9 hr 45 min
Dubai to Clark7375 km9 hr 45 min
Manila to Fukuoka2323 km3 hr 30 min
Fukuoka to Manila2323 km3 hr 30 min
Manila to Jakarta2786 km3 hr 40 min
Jakarta to Manila2786 km3 hr 40 min
Manila to Kuala Lumpur1546 km3 hr 35 min20x weekly
Kuala Lumpur to Manila1546 km3 hr 35 min20x weekly
Manila to Macau1155 km2 hr 10 min
Macau to Manila1155 km2 hr 10 min
Manila to Ho Chi Minh1610 km2 hr 35 min
Ho Chi Minh to Manila1610 km2 hr 35 min
Manila to Nagoya2800 km3 hr 50 min
Nagoya to Manila2800 km3 hr 50 min
Manila to Osaka2640 km3 hr 45 min3x weekly (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Osaka to Manila2640 km3 hr 45 min3x weekly (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Manila to Seoul2606 km4 hr 10 minDaily
Seoul to Manila2606 km4 hr 10 minDaily
Manila to Tokyo (Narita)3049 km4 hr 30 min
Tokyo (Narita) to Manila3049 km4 hr 30 min
Manila to Taipei1174 km2 hr 20 min2x weekly (Wed, Fri) starting August 2022
Taipei to Manila1174 km2 hr 20 min2x weekly (Wed, Fri) starting August 2022
Manila to Los Angeles11732 km13 hr 30 min
Los Angeles to Manila11732 km13 hr 30 min
Los Angeles to Cebu11797 km15 hr
Manila to San Francisco11221 km12 hr 40 min
San Francisco to Manila11221 km12 hr 40 min
Manila to New York (JFK)13687 km15 hr 40 min
New York (JFK) to Manila13687 km15 hr 40 min
Manila to Honolulu8515 km9 hr 50 min
Honolulu to Manila8515 km9 hr 50 min
Manila to Guam2565 km4 hr
Guam to Manila2565 km4 hr
Manila to Toronto13203 km14 hr 45 min
Toronto to Manila13203 km14 hr 45 min
Manila to Vancouver10547 km11 hr 50 min
Vancouver to Manila10547 km11 hr 50 min
Manila to Auckland8020 km10 hr 10 min
Auckland to Manila8020 km10 hr 10 min
Manila to Brisbane5801 km7 hr 50 min
Brisbane to Manila5801 km7 hr 50 min
Manila to Melbourne6309 km8 hr 30 min
Melbourne to Manila6309 km8 hr 30 min
Manila to Sydney6259 km8 hr 45 min
Sydney to Manila6259 km8 hr 45 min
Manila to London (Heathrow)10759 km14 hr 40 min
London (Heathrow) to Manila10759 km14 hr 40 min
Manila to Hanoi1772 km3 hr 25 min
Hanoi to Manila1772 km3 hr 25 min
Manila to Phnom Penh1781 km2 hr 50 min
Phnom Penh to Manila1781 km2 hr 50 min
Manila to Port Moresby3927 km5 hr 40 min
Port Moresby to Manila3927 km5 hr 40 min
Manila to (Tokyo) Haneda2993 km4 hr 10 min
Tokyo (Haneda) to Manila2993 km4 hr 10 min
Manila to Dammam7445 km9 hr 50 min
Dammam to Manila7445 km9 hr 50 min
Manila to Riyadh7771 km9 hr 40 min
Riyadh to Manila7771 km9 hr 40 min
Manila to Doha7277 km9 hr 45 min
Doha to Manila7277 km9 hr 45 min
Cebu to Puerto Princesa575 km1 hr 20 min
Puerto Princesa to Cebu575 km1 hr 20 min
Cebu to Calbayog205 km1 hr 10 min
Calbayog to Cebu205 km1 hr 10 min
Cebu to Legazpi317 km1 hr 15 min
Legazpi to Cebu317 km1 hr 15 min
Cebu to Surigao175 km1 hr 5 min
Surigao to Cebu175 km1 hr 5 min
Davao to Zamboanga396 km1 hr 10 min
Zamboanga to Davao396 km1 hr 10 min
Cebu to Tokyo (Narita)3277 km4 hr 35 min
Tokyo (Narita) to Cebu3277 km4 hr 35 min
Manila to Bali2664 km3 hr 55 minDaily
Bali to Manila2664 km3 hr 55 minDaily
Manila to Kota Kinabalu1096 km2 hr 15 minDaily
Kota Kinabalu to Manila1096 km2 hr 15 minDaily
Manila to Busan2606 km3 hr 5 min3x weekly (Tue, Thu, Sat)
Busan to Manila2606 km3 hr 5 min3x weekly (Tue, Thu, Sat)
Clark to Cagayan de Oro872 km1 hr 40 min
Cagayan de Oro to Clark872 km1 hr 40 min
Davao to Cagayan de Oro183 km1 hr
Cagayan de Oro to davao183 km1 hr
Cotabato to Tawi-Tawi526 km60 - 90 min
Tawi-Tawi to Cotabato526 km60 - 90 min
Cebu to Seoul3x weekly (Wed, Fri, Sun) until Nov 13, then 4x weekly (+Mon)
Seoul to Cebu3x weekly (Wed, Fri, Sun) until Nov 13, then 4x weekly (+Mon)
Cebu to Singapore2421 km3 hr 55 min
Singapore to Cebu2421 km3 hr 55 min
Manila to Brunei
Brunei to Manila
Clark to Seoul (Incheon)
Seoul (Incheon) to Clark
Kalibo to Seoul (Incheon)
Seoul (Incheon) to Kalibo
Cebu to Osaka
Osaka to Cebu
Manola to Haneda
Haneda to Manila
Davao to Singapore
Singapore to Davao

The flight schedule shown above was updated on November 1, 2022, for the Month of November 2022. Airlines frequently change their schedule without notice, so it is best always to check out the airlines’ official websites.

If you are ready to book, you can book through AirAsia official website. Or check out AirAsia Philippines Contact numbers.

About AirAsia Promos

AirAsia is one of the most popular low-cost airlines in the world, and it offers some amazing promos for flights within and outside the Philippines. AirAsia Promos are always affordable, and they offer a variety of different benefits that can make your travel experience much more enjoyable.

Some of the advantages of AirAsia Promos include:

  • Affordable prices – AirAsia’s promos are always very affordable, which makes them a great option for budget-minded travelers.
  • A variety of destinations – AirAsia offers flights to a wide variety of destinations both within and outside the Philippines. This makes it easy to find a flight that fits your needs and travel budget.
  • Convenient online booking – AirAsia’s convenient online booking system makes it easy to book your next trip with just a few clicks.

If you’re looking for great AirAsia promos for your travels, be sure to check out the AirAsia website today! Whether you’re planning a trip within the Philippines or abroad, AirAsia has something for everyone. So why wait? Book your next trip with AirAsia today and start exploring the world!

About AirAsia Philippines

Airasia Promos - Airasia Now Flies Again From Naia Terminal 4
AirAsia Now Flies Again from NAIA Terminal 4 (Domestic Terminal)

AirAsia is a low-cost airline headquartered in Malaysia. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries. AirAsia Philippines was founded on April 4, 2008, and commenced operations on July 14, 2008, with a flight from Manila to Cebu. AirAsia Philippines is the Philippine affiliate of AirAsia Berhad, which is listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. AirAsia Philippines has been named “The World’s Best Low-Cost Airline” for six consecutive years from 2011 to 2016 by Skytrax.

AirAsia Philippines originally served only two destinations: Manila and Cebu. In November 2009, AirAsia Philippines announced that it would commence flights between Cebu and Davao City. AirAsia expanded its Philippine operations further in 2010 when it also commenced flights to Kalibo International Airport.

AirAsia Philippines currently operates a fleet of Airbus A320-200 aircraft with an all-economy class configuration. The airline serves 21 destinations across the Philippines and 7 international destinations from its hubs at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Cebu, and the Kalibo International Airport in Aklan Province.

AirAsia’s flight offerings include domestic and international routes to major cities around Asia. Passengers on AirAsia can choose from several fare categories:

  • Super Value is AirAsia’s lowest fare category and includes a 20 kg baggage allowance, complimentary food and drink on board, and select seat selection.
  • AirAsia Big offers highly discounted fares as well as a 40 kg baggage allowance per passenger.
  • AirAsia Flexi customers are allowed to change their flight dates prior to departure without fees or penalties.
  • AirAsia Hot Seats gives passengers the chance to pick an available seat before anyone else.

AirAsia Philippines is known for its competitively priced airfare (AirAsia Promos), excellent customer service, and a wide array of onboard amenities. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, AirAsia has a variety of promotional fares and packages available that can help make your trip more affordable than ever before. If you’re planning a trip within the Philippines or to any of AirAsia’s international destinations, be sure to check AirAsia’s website for the latest promos and discounts.

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