AirSWIFT Baggage Policy – A Guide for Budget Travelers to El Nido, Coron, Bohol, or Boracay

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy – let’s get the questions out of the way!

Airswift is a budget airline that offers flights to El Nido, Boracay, Bohol, and Coron. The airline has a strict baggage policy, which can confuse budget travelers who are not used to flying with a budget airline. This guide will help clear up any confusion and help you know what to expect when flying Airswift.

Airswift Baggage Policy 1

AirSWIFT baggage policy is strict and does not allow carry-on luggage that is bigger than its specified dimensions. Anything larger will be considered checked baggage, and you will be charged accordingly. The good news is that AirSWIFT does not charge for checked baggage, so if you have larger luggage, it is best to check it in. 

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy

The check-in luggage weight limit is usually 10 kg, and the carry-on luggage weight limit is 7kg. Additional charges will apply for extra check-in luggage. As mentioned. AirSWIFT Baggage Policy is strict with overweight luggage, and the counter staff often weighs all bags. If a bag happens to be overweight, the additional charge is PHP 200 per kilogram over the limit.

AirSWIFT Checked-In Baggage Policy

The amount of check-in baggage AirSWIFT allows per passenger is called the Free Baggage Allowance (FBA). The FBA for each fare class ranges from none to 10 kilograms for Value or Premium Fare. Your FBA will be valid for your entire journey, as your ticket indicates. You will have to pay Excess Baggage Fees if you exceed your baggage allowance.

  • AirSWIFT passengers who have purchased a Premium or Value ticket are allowed 10kg of checked baggage. Budget and Promo customers do not have an allowance for checked baggage but can pay for it in advance.
  • A passenger can buy additional checked baggage above the free 10 Kg allowance at a discounted rate in 5 Kg increments up to 25 Kgs. One cannot check any baggage for infants, but we will carry a pram or buggy for them free of charge. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • AirSWIFT cannot accept check-in items that exceed 30 kilograms for safety reasons. Additionally, airport mobility equipment is not accommodated in anything heavier than this weight. If you exceed the limit, it is advisable to pack your belongings in separate bags, each with no more than 30 kilograms.
  • Please note that passengers can only check their baggage two hours before departure. For safety reasons, AirSWIFT Airlines cannot accept checked bags less than 45 minutes before the passenger’s scheduled flight.

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy: Prohibited Checked-In Baggage Items

The following items are prohibited from AirSWIFT Checked-In Luggage:

  • Wallet or money
  • Jewelry and other valuables
  • Electronic gadgets (mobile phone, laptop/notebook, camera, etc.
  • E-cigarettes, vaping paraphernalia

AirSWIFT Cabin Baggage Policy

To ensure the safety and comfort of AirSWIFT passengers, we allow only one piece of cabin/hand-carry baggage per person that should not exceed seven (7) kilograms. The measurements for these bags are a maximum of 18 inches long, 13.5 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. The weight limit is 7 kg or less.

This should be placed in the overhead bin or under the seat and must meet our weight and dimension limitations:

Airswift Baggage Policy Hand Carry Dimensions.png
AirSWIFT Baggage Policy Hand Carry Dimensions. Image from AirSWIFT Philippines Official website.

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy: Allowed Handcarry or Cabin Baggage Items

Additionally, AirSWIFT passengers are allowed to bring the following items on top of their regular hand-carry:

  • Laptop computer / notebook
  • Small camera or binoculars
  • Small bag
  • Wrap or blanket
  • A reasonable amount of reading materials
  • Infant carrying case or infant food
  • Crutches or walking stick

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy: Prohibited Handcarry or Cabin Baggage Items

On the other hand, the following items are not allowed inside the aircraft cabin and must be put in your checked-in baggage:

  • Nail cutters, swiss knives, scissors, and any bladed or sharp objects
  • Umbrellas of any type
  • Bicycle chains and jacks or other similar items.
  • Lighters containing “butane” and matches are prohibited in hand-carried and checked baggage.
  • Zippo lighters can be checked in or hand-carried as long as they are completely drained of their fluid.
  • Liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) in 100ml or less are allowed in hand-carried baggage. These LAGs must be in their containers and secured in airtight plastic bags, as changes in cabin pressure may cause them to leak.
  • Any adhesive tapes (masking, packing, scotch, duct, electrical, rubber)

To keep everyone safe, the AirSWIFT Baggage Policy prohibits dangerous goods (articles or substances capable of posing risks to health, safety, property, or the environment) are not allowed in passengers’ hand luggage and checked baggage.

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy: Liquids

Airswift Baggage Policy Liquids
AirSWIFT Baggage Policy on Liquids brought onboard. Image from AirSWIFT Official Website.

All liquids must be in containers that hold a maximum of 100 ml each, and these containers should fit comfortably into a transparent, re-sealable 1-liter plastic bag. This bag should be presented separately at security. Passengers may be required to dispose of any liquids that do not meet these requirements. The airline is not responsible for airport security personnel removing items from passengers or their baggage.

AirSWIFT Philippines Prepaid Baggage

AirSWIFT offers Prepaid Baggage, which allows customers to bring more than the free baggage limit but for a price.

Airswift Baggage Policy - Prepaid Baggage.jpg
AirSWIFT Prepaid Baggage. Image from AirSWIFT Philippines Official Facebook Post.

AirSWIFT Philippines Prepaid Baggage can be bought by passengers from the time of booking until four hours before their flight’s published departure time. AirSWIFT Prepaid Baggage may be purchased through our Ticket Sales Office, Call Center, Travel Agents, and Online Booking. Passengers who checked in early can no longer avail of this service if it is already less than four hours before take-off.

If passengers don’t have a pre-purchased baggage allowance, they may still check in their luggage by paying the Baggage Handling Fee of up to 10 Kg. For every kilogram after that, they will be subject to Standard Excess Baggage rates. Baby strollers (if the infant is present), manual wheelchairs, and crutches (for personal use) are free of charge.

AirSWIFT Pre-paid Baggage can be availed of through the Air Swift website under “Manage Booking,” call center hotline at (+632) 53185940 or email ([email protected]), and is available up to four hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

Pre-paid baggage rates are based on the destination, weight, and the number of bags and are detailed in AirSWIFT “Fares & Fees Summary”. AirSWIFT Prepaid Baggage is not refundable, revokable or re-routable.

For those who have already checked in before the four-hour cut-off time, the Pre-paid Baggage facility is unavailable.

The AirSWIFT baggage policy can be confusing for budget travelers who are not used to flying with a budget airline. However, this article has helped clear up any confusion and hopefully help you know what to expect when flying Airswift.

Click here for more information regarding AirSWIFT Philippines Baggage Policies and Fees.

About AirSWIFT Airlines Philippines

AirSWIFT is a Filipino-owned boutique airline specializing in domestic and non-domestic scheduled services. The airline offers daily round-trip flights from Manila to El Nido, Cebu to El Nido, and Manila to Sicogon. In addition, AirSWIFT also serves the aircraft transportation requirements of its affiliated company, El Nido Resorts.

AirSWIFT Airlines started with three Dornier 228 aircraft in 2002 and has since replaced them with ATR 42-600s in 2013. The company decided to change its name to AirSWIFT from Island Transvoyager in 2015 but still remains dedicated to giving its passengers a pleasurable, hassle-free travel experience that feels like a vacation from the start of booking their ticket until they arrive back home.

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book my trip now and decide on baggage later?

Passengers can book their flights and add the baggage option later on through the “Manage My Booking” section on or four hours before the scheduled departure time.

Does AirSWIFT Baggage Policy allow bringing an infant pushchair, stroller, or pram onboard?

AirSWIFT has a baggage policy regarding checking in baby pushchairs, strollers, and prams. Parents or guardians must sign an indemnity form and present it during check-in. The item must be tagged and will be considered baggage. It can be checked in right away, or the passenger has the option to pass it to the ground staff either at the bottom of the steps (airport without aerobridges) or at the aircraft door (airport with aerobridges). The ground staff will place it on the aircraft’s hold for storage. Depending on the airport you arrive at, the pushchairs/strollers/prams can be made available at the bottom of the steps, outside the aircraft door, or at the baggage carousel.

Do infants have a limit to the amount of checked baggage they are allowed?

Babies Who Travel On An Adult'S Lap Are Not Given A Free Baggage Allowance. Instead, We Allow Strollers And Prams To Be Carried For Those Passengers Travelling With Infants At No Extra Charge.

Babies who travel on an adult’s lap are not given a free baggage allowance. Instead, we allow strollers and prams to be carried for those passengers travelling with infants at no extra charge.

What is the AirSWIFT baggage allowance for an infant with a ticketed seat?

Infants (under two years old) can bring one piece of check-in baggage weighing up to 10 Kg and a fully collapsible stroller, pushchair, and carry-cot or car seat. These items can only be carried as checked baggage in the aircraft hold. 

What is AirSWIFT Prepaid Baggage?

AirSWIFT Baggage Policy Prepaid allows passengers to purchase additional baggage allowance in advance, providing greater convenience and peace of mind. AirSWIFT Pre-paid Baggage can be availed of through the Air Swift website under “Manage Booking,” call center hotline at (+632) 53185940 or email ([email protected]), and is available up to four hours before the scheduled flight departure time.
Pre-paid baggage rates are based on the destination, weight, and the number of bags and are detailed in AirSWIFT’s Fares & Fees Summary.
AirSWIFT Prepaid Baggage is not refundable, revokable or re-routable.

What is the maximum amount of luggage I can check when booking online?

One can pre-book up to twenty (20) kg of baggage online per passenger.

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