AirSWIFT Cancelled Flights Update

AirSWIFT Cancelled Flights Update as of January 10, 2022: The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the airline’s daily flight operations, as AirSWIFT has seen a high number of Covid-19 cases in Metro Manila. Even with the airline’s most stringent safety measures, such as at airports and offices, the danger of exposure and quarantine period/standards are putting a strain on its personnel.

Airswift Cancelled Flights

AirSWIFT Cancelled Flights as of January 11, 2022

The following flights will be cancelled until January 31, 2022:

Flight No Flight Route
T60526 Manila to Caticlan
T60529Caticlan to Manila
T60336 El Nido to Cebu
T60337Cebu to El Nido
Source: Official AirSWIFT Facebook Advisory

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Manila to Boracay304 km60 - 95 minsAirSWIFT: Sun Mon Wed Fri
Boracay to Manila304 km60 - 95 minsAirSWIFT: Sun Mon Wed Fri
Manila to El Nido406 km80 minsAirSWIFT: 4x - 5x daily
El Nido to Manila406 km80 minsAirSWIFT: 4x - 5x daily
Cebu to El Nido508 km90 to 100 minsAirSWIFT: Mon, Fri
El Nido to Cebu508 km90 to 100 minsAirSWIFT: Mon, Fri
El Nido to Boracay288 km50 to 60 mins
Boracay to El Nido288 km50 to 60 mins
Clark to El Nido458 km60 to 70 mins
El Nido to Clark458 km60 to 70 mins
Bohol to El Nido515 km60 to 65 mins
El Nido to Bohol515 km60 to 65 mins
Coron to El Nido126 km40 to 50 mins
El Nido to Coron126 km40 to 50 mins

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RoutePromo Rates
Manila to Boracay
Boracay to Manila
Manila to El Nido
AirSWIFT: P3448 / P4498
El Nido to Manila
AirSWIFT: P3448 / P4498
Cebu to El Nido
AirSWIFT: P3448 / P4498
El Nido to Cebu
AirSWIFT: P3448 / P4498
El Nido to Boracay
AirSWIFT: P3108 / P4498
Boracay to El Nido
AirSWIFT: P3108 / P4498
Coron to El Nido
AirSWIFT: P1338 / P1668
El Nido to Coron
AirSWIFT: P1338 / P1668

Expect delays or changes with AirSWIFT’s flight to El Nido. The airline apologizes for any inconvenience the passengers may experience onboard, but rest assured that the safety and well-being of everyone on board is AirSWIFT’s top priority.

Given this, please AirSWIFT asks its passengers to consider the following options:

  1. Free rebooking within one-year ticket validity. Penalties waived.
  2. Secure your ticket in a travel fund redeemable for future travel, within 2 years validity. This may give you ample time to rebook on a better and favorable condition.
  3. Refund the full cost of the ticket except Travel Insurance (if applicable). Please be advised of the refund processing time which is approximately within 60-90 working days upon confirmation. Processing time may also depend on the acquiring bank.
  4. For further inquiries or clarifications, we highly recommend to contact our Reservation Agents, through the following mobile numbers: +63 917 859 2760, +63 917 816 8763 and +63 917 822 2141 or email us at [email protected]. Our lines are open daily from 8AM to 5PM.
  5. Follow us on our official social media accounts (Facebook/Instagram: @airswift.airlinesPH) as we provide you with up-to-date Advisories and Flight Status.
  6. Thank you.

Source: Official AirSwift Facebook Advisory