Check out the Updated Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements

Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements Updates: Philippine Airlines has announced new travel requirements that passengers must comply with during the time of COVID-19. These new requirements include providing a health certificate and proof of travel insurance, among other things. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in denied boarding or even deportation from the country.

Updated Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements

Philippine Airlines has announced a series of precautionary measures and requirements for all passengers in light of the evolving COVID-19 situation. First and foremost, all passengers must wear a face mask at all times during their travel, including during check-in, boarding, and disembarkation. In addition, passengers are required to undergo a health assessment before their flight, which will include having their temperature checked and answering a short questionnaire. Philippine Airlines is also implementing enhanced disinfection procedures throughout all stages of travel, from the check-in counter to the aircraft cabin.

checking with Philippine embassies and consulates for specific requirements.

Are you planning to take a trip locally or abroad and fly with Philippine Airlines? If so, be sure to familiarize yourself with Philippine Airlines travel requirements, especially for COVID-19 restrictions for both local and foreign destinations. This guide outlines and links the different travel requirements for Philippine Airlines, especially for COVID-19 travel restrictions of the different destinations. So whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, read on for information that will make your journey as smooth as possible. Click here for the list of Philippine Airlines Cancelled Flights or Philippine Airlines Flight Status in real-time.

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Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements
Check the Updated Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements for 2022 below

Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements for Local Destinations

In the airport, all visitors are required to wear a face mask, and inflight. Some flights have permitted participants to choose whether or not they want to use a face shield. Please consult with your destination’s local government office for any additional information.

Check out the different Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements specific to the local destinations you are flying into:

Source: Philippine Airlines COVID-19 Travel Advisory

Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements for Foreign Destinations

According to Philippine government rules, Filipino nationals may be permitted to travel abroad under the conditions listed below:

  • Those traveling with tourist / short-term visas must submit confirmed roundtrip tickets and prepare adequate travel and health insurance to cover travel disruptions and hospitalizations in case of a COVID-19 infection.
  • Submission of the Bureau of Immigration Declaration Forms acknowledging risks involved in traveling. Please ask our airline staff to fill out the lower portion of the form before submitting to the Immigration Officer.
  • Negative COVID-19 test, if required by the country of destination. For COVID-19 testing requirements, please check out our Testing Partners.

When you return to the Philippines, please double-check that all of your requirements for returning are met.

Please verify the following destinations for passport and visa requirements. These standards are subject to change without notice, therefore we recommend that all visitors check with relevant travel warnings to plan their trip.

Source: Philippine Airlines COVID-19 Travel Advisory

The evolving COVID-19 pandemic has caused Philippine Airlines and various governments to issue precautionary measures, mandatory protocols, and requirements for travelers. Please be informed of the latest travel requirements before you fly. For more information about the updated Philippine Airlines Travel Requirements, please check out our website or contact us directly. We want to ensure that your flight is as smooth as possible and that you are fully compliant with all regulations. Thank you for choosing PAL!

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