Check out Updated Taiwan Travel Requirements for 2022

COVID Taiwan Travel Requirements for Foreigners for 2022: This is the updated advisory for traveling passengers arriving in Taiwan. This is sourced from both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific COVID travel advisories.

As you plan your business or pleasure trip to Taiwan, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. In this article, we will outline the Taiwan travel requirements for foreigners and provide information on the COVID restrictions that are currently in place. Here is a checklist of what you’ll need to do in order to make your trip go as smoothly as possible.

These travel requirements are for travel to Taiwan only. Looking for information when arriving in the Philippines from abroad? Check out the COVID Travel Requirements for foreigners or returning overseas Filipinos arriving from abroad. Or click here for General Travel Requirements for Destinations Within the Philippines.

Covid Taiwan Travel Requirements
Check out the updated Taiwan Travel Requirements for 2022

Taiwan Travel Requirements per Philippine Airlines Advisory

Allowed Travelers

  • ROC Taiwanese Nationals
  • Foreign spouses and minor children of ROC (Taiwan) nationals holding dependent visas or visitor visa for visiting relatives marked TS or OS (for spouse) and TC or OC (for child).
  • Hongkong and Macau nationals holding valid re-entry permit visa 
  • Mainland Chinese for family reunion holding a valid re-entry permit visa
  • Effective March 07, 2022, Non-resident business travelers will be allowed to enter Taiwan
  • For emergency or humanitarian purposes, traveler must still apply for special entry permit visa marked ER for Taiwan entry.

Taiwan Travel Requirements: Medical Documents

  • Negative COVID-19 Test (RT-PCR) Result from DOH-accredited laboratories valid within forty-eight (48 hours) before departure

Taiwan Travel Requirements: Medical Documents

Taiwan Travel Requirements: Quarantine Requirements

  • All travelers from the Philippines will be required to take a Rapid RT-PCR upon arrival in Taiwan.
  • Travelers who have symptoms in the past 14 days prior to entry into Taiwan (those who have taken medication are included) shall voluntarily inform airport quarantine officers of their symptoms and observe the specimen collection procedures or other necessary quarantine measures.
  • Travelers without symptoms shall return to home or go to a quarantine hotel for a seven (7) day quarantine period. Travelers shall practice self-health management for seven (7) days.

Taiwan Travel Requirements per Cebu Pacific Advisory

Updated as of May 18, 2022

As per Government regulations, guests bound for Taiwan are advised of the following guidelines.

Only the following guests will be accepted for flight

  • Taiwan Nationals – Please present your Passport.
  • Foreign Nationals (including Filipinos)
    • Holders of Alien Resident Card (ARC) – migrant workers with ARC must also present their Re-Entry Permit
    • Foreign nationals without an Alien Resident Card (ARC) will only be allowed to enter if they’re traveling for any of the following:
      • Emergency / Humanitarian Reasons
      • Spouse or underage child of a Taiwan national or ARC holder
      • Students with permission from the Ministry of Education
      • Business
  • Hong Kong / Macao Residents / Mainland Chinese
    • Holders of Alien Resident Card (ARC)
    • Holders of Entry Permit to R.O.C. will only be allowed to enter if they’re traveling for any of the following:
      • Emergency / Humanitarian Reasons
      • Spouse or underage child of a Taiwan national or ARC holder
      • Students with permission from the Ministry of Education
      • To fulfill contractual obligations or is part of internal transfers within multinational enterprises

Guests allowed to enter Taiwan must provide printed copies of the following documents to be accepted for flight

  • QR Code and screenshot of the confirmation page after passengers have registered into the Quarantine System for Entry. Data entered into the system forty-eight (48) hours before the flight’s arrival in Taiwan is ineffective. Ensure you have a Taiwan mobile number upon arrival, for re-registration into the system.
  • Certificate of Negative COVID-19 RT-PCR (swab) test result with specimen collection within two (2) days before the flight’s scheduled time of departure.
  • Online payment for staying in a COVID-19 Government Quarantine Facility. Click here for information on quarantine hotels.

Upon arrival, guests will take an RT-PCR test and are required to undergo a 7-day quarantine, followed by 7-day self-health management on the guest’s account. Guests must arrange for their quarantine location prior to arrival and must follow other regulations and instructions from the Taiwan Center of Disease Control. Please check with the Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) for complete quarantine guidelines.

Transit via Taiwan is also suspended.

These are the Taiwan travel requirements we have as of the date indicated. Requirements may change from time to time without prior notice. Please continue checking with the Taiwan government for the latest updates.

COVID Taiwan Travel Requirements for Arriving Local Passengers Disclaimer: Please note that there may be multiple travel requirements for each international destination. These rules are subject to change by the issuing foreign government authority and are issued for our passengers and the public’s safety. As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories above serve as a general guide.

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