9 Simple Steps in Cebu Pacific Rebooking – They Are Easy!

The Cebu Pacific rebooking process need not be intimidating!

Cebu Pacific passengers who have either missed their flights or have had to cancel them can now easily rebook their tickets through the airline’s website or mobile app. The Cebu Pacific rebooking process is simple and can be done in these easy steps.

Cebu Pacific is the biggest low-cost carrier in the Philippines and one of Asia’s leading airlines. Cebu Pacific offers online rebooking for passengers who have missed their flights or have had to cancel them due to unforeseen circumstances through its website or mobile app.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking Process

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - How To Do It!

What does ticket rebooking mean?

Rebooking your flight means changing the date of your flight to an earlier or later time. The change can be voluntary or because your original flight was canceled. The only thing that changes is the date.

For low-cost airlines like Cebu Pacific, rebooking doesn’t mean giving your ticket to someone else (transferring or name change) or changing where your flight goes (rerouting). By rebooking, you are still traveling on the same route. If there is a problem with the route, you may be offered a different way to get to your destination.

If you’ve chosen the wrong dates or the wrong destination, Cebu Pacific will let you rebook without any extra charges within 24 hours from your ticket purchase. This makes the booking process a lot less scary for most passengers.

Though for the ultimate worry-free traveling experience, avail of CEB Flexi during the initial Booking and have the power to change flights up to two times without penalties.

According to Cebu Pacific’s rebooking policies, depending on when the flight schedule changes, you may have to pay more or less money to book a new flight to compensate for the fare difference between the ticket fares of the previous and new bookings.

When can one rebook on Cebu Pacific?

If you want to change your flight, you can do it up to two hours before the scheduled departure time. There is no fee, but there might be a difference in the ticket price.

If your flight is disrupted, you can rebook for travel within the next thirty (30) days without paying any extra fees.

If you need to rebook after thirty (30) days have passed, you will have to pay the difference in fares. However, you must do this within thirty (30) days of the original flight date; otherwise, you will lose your right to rebook.

Are there any charges to rebook on Cebu Pacific?

Beginning March 2, 2021, Cebu Pacific has removed the fee for rebooking (also known as the “change fee”). This means that you can rebook as many times as you want without paying any fees. However, please note that there may be a minimal difference in fares depending on when and where you rebook.

Is there a limit to the number of times one can rebook on Cebu Pacific?

If you need to change your flight, you can do so as many times without paying any fees. The only thing you have to worry about is the difference in price between the old and new tickets.

For your convenience, you may make the most of our Unlimited Rebooking! This implies you can reschedule your flight as many times as desired without paying any rebooking/change fees, subject to fare rules. There might still be a price difference.

Here are the 9 Easy Steps in Rebooking with Cebu Pacific

There are two ways to rebook your Cebu Pacific flights. The first and preferred way is to do it online, which can be done either through the Cebu Pacific website or the Cebu Pacific mobile app. The second way is to go to any Cebu Pacific ticketing office or authorized travel agency.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking via Website

The rebooking process is simple and can be done in these easy steps:

Step 1. Go to the Cebu Pacific website or launch the Cebu Pacific mobile app.

Step 2. Click on Manage and on Manage Booking (Cebu Pacific Manage Booking).

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - Manage Booking
Click on Manage and on Manage Booking

Step 3. Enter your Cebu Pacific booking details. For rebooking purposes, you will need to have your booking reference number and the surname of any guest on hand. The booking reference number is located on the upper portion of the Itinerary Receipt that was emailed upon confirmation.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - Booking Details
Enter your Cebu Pacific Booking details

If you don’t have your reference number or have lost it, you can click on the “Don’t have your booking reference number” link to input the guest and flight details which will then bring you to the booking page.

Once you’re in, you can view and print the itinerary as a reference for future changes. Click continue

Step 4. Click on Buy Add-Ons, Rebook or Cancel for Travel Fund

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - Click On Buy Add-Ons, Rebook Or Cancel For Travel Fund
Click on Buy Add-Ons, Rebook or Cancel for Travel Fund

Click the box Change Flight, then click Continue.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - Click Change Flight
Select and check the box Change Flight

Step 5. Select and check the box of the flight you need to rebook. It can be the outbound or return flight. You are, in effect, going to input changes to this particular booked flight. Please have your new dates on hand.

Select The Flight For Cebu Pacific Flight Rebooking
Select and check the box of the specific flight for rebooking

Step 6. Click the calendar icon to select the new date. Click Continue. Make sure your new dates are your preferred and confirmed.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - Click The Calendar Icon
Click the calendar icon to select the new date

Confirm the flight changes and click Continue when done. The next page will ask you to choose the particular flight for the new date you have set. Click on the particular flight and click Continue.

Step 7. You can check or choose a new seat assignment for your rebooked flight (if applicable). You may also add or remove any optional products and services at this stage. Otherwise, click “close” if you don’t want any add-ons to your new Booking.

If not desired, uncheck automatic add-ons to save the changes. Save All and Proceed.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - Uncheck Automatic Add-Ons
Choose select seats, if desired, or additional add-ons, or uncheck all automatic add-ons, as applicable.

Additional charges might accrue for the fare difference between the previous and the new Booking.

Step 8. Check the I have Reviewed My Booking Summary box and click on Confirm and Continue.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking - I Have Reviewed My Booking Summary

If there are, you are given a breakdown of the additional costs. if there is no price difference between the old and the new bookings, or if the cost of the latter is lower, then you will immediately be brought to the booking confirmation page.

Step 9. Confirmation Page

Cebu Pacific Rebooking Confirmation Page
Successful Cebu Pacific rebooking confirmation page.

Congratulations! You just have made your first online rebooking with Cebu Pacific!

You can view your new itinerary by clicking on View Itinerary. Better to print it as well to have a hard copy of your rebooked flight itinerary. You will receive a confirmation email or SMS from Cebu Pacific regarding your new flight details.

PS: If the new or rebooked flight costs more than the original flight, there will be additional charges to compensate for the flight fare difference. In this case, you will be brought to a separate payment page.

Step 8.5. Choose your payment mode. Cebu Pacific offers several payment modes (online payment platforms and offline payment centers). Enter your payment details, as applicable, or choose your offline payment mode. Please note that offline payment modes (Cebu Pacific Payment Centers like 7-11, Cebuana, LBC, etc.) are time-sensitive and will be needed to be paid within a specific time.

If you have any questions or concerns about Cebu Pacific rebooking, please contact Cebu Pacific customer service.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking via Mobile App

Passengers who have booked their tickets through Cebu Pacific’s mobile app can also rebook their flights through the app. The Cebu Pacific rebook process is simple and can be done in these easy steps:

1. Open the Cebu Pacific app and log in to your account.

2. Click on Menu (represented by the three lines icon).

3. Choose “Manage Booking.”

4. Like step 4 in rebooking via the website, enter your booking details (booking reference number and last name of any guest.

Then basically, just follow the same steps as that of the website rebooking process.

Cebu Pacific Contact Number

Cebu Pacific rebooking hotline is +63 2 8870 8888 if you need any assistance with the rebooking process. The customer service representative will be able to help you with any questions you may have and will provide you with updates on the status of your rebooking. They can also provide you with information on how to rebook your flight, if necessary. The rebooking process may take a few days, so it is best to call as soon as possible.

If you cannot reach a customer service representative, you may also visit the Cebu Pacific website for more information.

Cebu Pacific Rebooking Frequently Asked Questions

Is rebooking free in Cebu Pacific?

Yes. Cebu Pacific has removed the fee for rebooking flights starting on March 2, 2021. This means that one can change flights as many times as wanted, without having to pay any extra fees. However, please note that if the new flight has a different price, the passenger may have to pay the difference.

How can I reschedule my flight?

There are a few ways in which one can rebook on Cebu Pacific. The first way is to go to the Cebu Pacific website and fill out the booking form. The second way is to download the Cebu Pacific app and rebook from there. The third way is to go to contact Cebu Pacific support and speak to a representative.

How much is rebooking Cebu Pacific?

Rebooking on Cebu Pacific is free starting on March 2, 2021. What’s best is that there is no limit to the number one can rebook, subject to certain conditions.

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