Booking Cebu Pacific Tickets or manage online booking? No problem!  You can do it the old-fashioned way or the more convenient, faster, and hassle-free online manage booking.

Cebu Pacific Booking – Offline

If you would rather do it the old-fashion, old school way of going to Cebu Pacific Booking offices, no problem.

One can easily go to any of the Cebu Pacific ticketing offices, walk-in, and talk with the friendly counter staff. Make sure you have a list of all your accompanying passengers, their complete names (including second and middle names – very important!), their birthdays, important passport information (for international flights), and restriction information (if applicable, like extreme age, pregnancy, etc).

The counter staff are usually friendly and will guide you through the booking process.  You can pay by cash or any local or internationally-recognized debit or credit card.  The staff will then give you your confirmed booked tickets which you will need to check-in either online or through their check-in counters at the airport. Here is a list of Metro Manila ticketing offices.

Check out the accredited Cebu Pacific Payment Centers.

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    Online Booking

    Booking a Cebu Pacific flight through the Internet is fast and hassle-free!  Same with the Cebu Pacific online manage booking facility. Check out this video tutorial to learn about how you can book your ticket online with Cebu Pacific Air. Go online to avoid the line! (Video credit to Cebu Pacific Youtube Channel)

    No more running to a ticket office before it closes to grab a promo fare.  And with a debit or credit card, the whole process can be completed in one seating. All you need is to print the receipt and itinerary and just show-up at the airport at your designated flight departure!

    Cebu Pacific Booking Guidelines

    Cebu Pacific booking via the web are not permitted within 59 minutes from the scheduled time of departure. If you have to travel within this time, you may contact Cebu Pac Call Center at +632-8702-0888 to check the availability of your preferred flight. These bookings can only be done through our airport sales counters or ticketing offices.

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