AirAsia Cancelled Flights

AirAsia Cancelled Flights Update as of January 5, 2022: All flights to proceed as scheduled according to their press release here entitled: “AirAsia Philippines flights unhampered, reassures guest safety amid new COVID-19 surge”.

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Airasia Cancelled Flights

Following the Metro Manila Council Resolution 22-01 series of 2022, AirAsia Philippines has committed to continuing all domestic flights and ensuring that fully vaccinated passengers can continue to move. Unvaccinated people are given the freedom to travel, just for essential endeavors, according to on the same resolution.

During a press conference held recently, AirAsia Philippines Spokesperson Steve Dailisan said, “AirAsia will always put the safety of our passengers first while remaining dedicated to their transportation needs. In keeping with the agreement signed by Metro Manila Mayors, we will continue to fly qualified vaccinated persons and unvaccinated passengers with essential travel pass only.” The airline is still ready to adapt to evolving strategies as new variants emerge, therefore we kindly ask our travelers to stay up-to-date with local government regulations.

The Metro Manila Council’s Resolution was the capital region’s reaction to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila in recent weeks. Over 9.58 million individuals, or 97 percent of the intended 9.8 million population, have received their complete dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of now. Meanwhile, 9.36 million people have gotten their first shot, and over 750.5 thousand people have had their booster immunization administered

Given the high vaccination rate in Metro Manila and surrounding regions, we remain confident in future strong demand for air travel and mobility among vaccinated persons. We have robust Covid mitigation strategies in place, with all of our flight and ground crew up to date on their vaccinations. Despite the fact that air travel rules are still being updated in light of the current scenario, we will continue to provide flexible flight alternatives to our customers who want to postpone their trip. We must increase our attention as a result of this in order to best handle any new COVID-19 variant, Dailisan concluded.

To ensure that their Allstars have a safe working environment and are not exposed to cross-contamination throughout the continuing rise in COVID-19 cases, AirAsia Philippines conducts antigen testing for Allstars who work on-site on a regular basis. AirAsia Philippines is also working with local government authorities to give booster shots to its Allstars. By the end of January, 20% of those who had been completely immunized had already received their boosters. The airline aims to provide booster vaccines for 660 Allstars (or 50% of those who have been previously fully vaccinated) by the end of January.

In the same way, all AirAsia Philippines flight crew will once again wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on all flights as part of the airline’s rigorous safety procedure.

The world’s best low-cost airline has strict multi-layered safety measures and procedures in place. All Air Asia Airbus A320 aircraft are equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, which destroy 99.9 percent of viruses including COVID-19. The entire AirAsia ground and flying crew are also fully clothed in the required safety and protection equipment. After each flight, deep and thorough cleaning and sanitation are provided.

Guests who wish to make changes to their reservations online should go to and click on the AVA icon in the lower right corner. Select “Booking Changes” from the drop-down menu, then “Flight Change.” Finally, select “My flight was changed by AirAsia,” then follow the steps to alter your reservation.

Unrestricted move flights are available via AirAsia Philippines, depending on the difference in fare.

Over the next few days, travelers on AirAsia Philippines should check their flight status and visit the AirAsia flysafe web page for further information on travel restrictions.

AirAsia List of Cancelled Flights as of January 5, 2022

AirAsia Cancelled Flights: Domestic Destinations

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AirAsia Cancelled Flights: International Destinations

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