Philippine Airlines Booking Information

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Philippine Airlines Booking Online Facility features a fully automated facility called “Calendar Pricing” which immediately displays the lowest fare available over a seven-day range – three days before and three days after the planned travel date – thus allowing travelers to decide quickly when it is most convenient and cheapest to fly.

Online Booking accepts booking of flights and purchasing tickets online on PAL’s domestic and international itineraries. Selected International codeshare flights are available through our online booking facility. Users can immediately check for fares and flight availability without the need to register or login.

Philippine Airlines Booking

Philippine Airlines Booking FAQs:

How many passengers can I book online?
You can book up to maximum seven passengers (adults and children included) per transaction. If there are more passengers travelling together, book the remaining passengers after the completion of booking for the first seven passengers.

I encountered problems when I booked online. My repeated efforts to check the fares have failed. I cannot get past the flight availability page. What will I do?
Our Online Booking facility will function best using Internet Explorer v10.0 and higher. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your browser or use a PC that has Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher.

Can I book for today’s flight?
Yes. You can book a flight at least 2 hours before your desired departure time.

I want to book flight and purchase ticket for another person. Can I do it online?
Yes, you can book flight and buy a ticket for another person from our website. Our online booking facility does not require the card holder to be the passenger or a member of the travelling party.

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Please book or coordinate only via Philippine Airline’s official channels through their website, their ticketing offices or via their landline numbers:(632) 777-5932 for questions on flights, schedules, availability and promos.