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From its humble beginnings, Singapore is now a living testament to traditional and modern culture, set against the backdrop of cutting-edge technology. Check out Orchard Road, the world-renowned shopping belt and nightspot central of Singapore, and sample the mouth-watering cuisine from Little Asia and Chinatown, among many others.

Be sure to stop at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino before venturing into the vast shopping and nightlife. Singapore has it all.

When you’re done cavorting around, why not pop into the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a view of one of the world’s largest collections of ferns, exotic birds, and native animals? Or head to nearby Batu Ferringhi, a UNESCO World Heritage site that houses the world’s largest mangrove forest. Catch a sunset over the famous Marina Bay, or spend the night at the beautiful Regency Hotel.

You’ll find dozens of museums and galleries to pique your interest and explore the Singapore Biennale and Asian Games. The famed Festival of Dangerous Curiosities is a fun and eclectic way to kick-off Singapore tourism. You’ll never run out of things to do.

You’ll find some of Asia’s most talented artists at work decorating every street corner, every building and every public place in Singapore. Take your time when touring the sights. Stop by the Singapore Museum of Social Life. It boasts some 300,000 works of art as well as priceless cultural relics. Take a stroll through some of Singapore’s oldest structures at Temasek Hospital, the Old Library, and the Changi Prison.

Singapore is a modern city. Be sure to take your tour to Muarobang, a fun entrance through the old town. You’ll find the famous Sogo Train Museum in the basement of a building now housing a popular Thai restaurant. Enjoy a coffee and browse around at the Railway Museum. There’s the National Museum of Singapore as well. You’ll find plenty of World Heritage Sites, National Parks, Cultural Gardens and Forests.

It’s easy to explore Singapore. Take a ride on the MRT. Enjoy the city on a day tour. Enjoy nature at its best. Take a stroll through the ancient town in Temasek Park. You’ll find plenty of interesting places to visit and see. Stop by the National Gallery of Singapore. Visit the Museum of Singapore and see their collection of World Heritage Artifacts.

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