Go Lite Fares

Cebu Pacific gives new meaning to “light in the pocket”.

Go Lite Fares. No check-in luggage, take Php100 off your fare.

Travelling light burns less fuel, and less fuel means more savings. Savings that Cebu Pacific passes to every guest as a fare discount of PhP100.

For those travelling on Go Fares, you are entitled to a free baggage allowance (FBA) of 15kg for all flights except to and from Boracay (Caticlan) which has an FBA of 10kg.

If you avail of a Go Lite Fare but have check-in luggage, you just need to pay PhP400 to get your baggage allowance reinstated.


1. What is Go Lite?
– This is the discounted fare offered to Cebu Pacific guests that have no check-in luggage at time of booking.

2. Why is Cebu Pacific offering a different fare that is, Go Lite for guests with no check-in luggage?
Cebu Pacific believes that you should only pay for the services that you need. Before, the cost of check-in luggage was included in every fare. Guests with no checked luggage were paying for guests with checked luggage. Now, guests with no check-in luggage can save on fares.vThe fewer the luggage, the lighter the plane, the lesser fuel to burn. And that means, more savings for you.

3. How much is the discount for Go Lite?
– Go Lite is PhP100 lower than Go fare per sector.

4. When did this policy take effect?
– Bookings starting August 12, 2009.

5. How does this work?
– At time of booking, guests without checked baggage may avail of Go Lite instead of Go Fare. What this means is that guests will not be bringing checked baggage along on the flight. They may, however, have a carry-on (hand carry) bag – just make sure it weighs 7kgs or less.

6. How do I avail of Go Lite?
– When booking your flight, just indicate that you are not bringing bags for check-in. This has to be availed at the point of booking.

7. How come only Cebu Pacific has this kind of policy?
– Actually low cost airlines in the US and Europe already offer something similar. This is Cebu Pacific’s way of making you save more by paying only for the service you use.

8. What if I avail of Go Lite and later decide to have checked luggage on the day of the flight?
– Guest will then have to pay a PhP400 baggage reinstatement fee for checked baggage within the free baggage allowance. If guest exceeds the free baggage allowance, standard excess baggage rate will apply to the excess.

9. Why do I need to pay for a baggage reinstatement fee?
– Guest has to pay a baggage reinstatement fee to reinstate the guest’s free baggage allowance which he did not avail when he purchased a Go Lite.

10. What if I refuse to pay the baggage reinstatement fee?
– Unpaid checked baggage shall be left behind. Please do note that unattended or abandoned baggage shall be endorsed to aviation police stationed at the airport.

11. Can I transfer my Go Lite to say, my brother?
– Go Lite fares are transferable.

12. Are Go Lite fares refundable?
– Go Lite fares are subject to the terms and conditions of the fare rules booked.

13. Will I get compensated if my baggage is mishandled?
– Cebu Pacific’s existing policies on mishandled baggage shall apply. Please click here.

14. What if I don’t have a hand carry? Do I still get a discount?
– Go Lite only applies to checked baggage.