Philippine Airlines Business Class Review | A Flight Report with Sam Chui

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Are you considering flying the Mabuhay Class and looking for a Philippine Airlines Business Class review? Aviation enthusiast Sam Chui shares his experience flying business class on Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Class and gives you a full review of the amenities that come with this service.

In a recent video, aviation enthusiast Sam Chui shared his experience flying with Philippine Airlines Business Class from Manila to Dubai.

Chui notes that Philippine Airlines primarily uses Terminal Two of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. While they do offer cash upgrades at check-in, Chui doesn’t believe they represent great value given the low price of Business Class tickets. The airline’s Business Class lounge, called Mabuhay Lounge, is located behind gate six.

In this Philippine Airlines business class review, Mr. Chui describes the lounge as quite ordinary, without anything special to mention. However, it does offer a variety of Filipino foods, snacks, and beverages. During the morning, the lounge can get quite crowded.

When it was time to board, there were separate queues for Business Class and Elite Frequent Fliers. Mr. Chui was impressed that there were no delays and boarding was strictly on time.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Review

Philippine Airlines Business Class Review

Once on board, Chui was greeted by the crew and offered a choice of drinks, including Mabuhay Punch, water, orange juice, and cucumber lemonade. The crew also offered him a Golf magazine to read.

The Business Class cabin had three rows of seats with a configuration of two, two, and two, for a total of 18 seats. Chui was told that these seats were not the latest Business Class offering from Philippine Airlines.

Overall, Mr. Chui’s experience flying with Philippine Airlines was pleasant, with on-time boarding and a friendly crew.

While the Business Class lounge was nothing special, it did offer a variety of food and drinks. The Business Class seats were comfortable, although not the latest offering from the airline.

Here are some excerpts from his Philippine Airlines Business Class onboard review:

“Sam here, and today I’m flying with Philippine Airlines on their Airbus A330-300 aircraft. This particular aircraft is used for high-density routes to the Middle East, primarily.

As I board the plane, I’m greeted by a warm and welcoming crew who make me feel right at home.

The Premium Economy Class cabin is small and quiet, located right after Business Class. The bulk of the Economy cabin follows, with three seats on either side of the aisle, providing one extra seat over the standard Airbus A330 Economy configuration.

I’m surprised to receive a full amenity kit on this day’s flight, which includes Mabuhay slippers and a Business Class amenity kit. The crew’s hospitality is evident from the moment I step on board.

There are two full meals served on this nine-hour flight, with three main dish options available – one Filipino, one Arabic, and one Western food option.

The crew presents the appetizer and main course with great care and attention to detail.

The seats in Business Class are a little odd, with the storage place located in front of the seats. One foot well is much higher than the other, which may be uncomfortable for some passengers. However, there are no seat-back entertainment screens in Business Class, but an iPad is provided for each passenger. The good news is that there is free Wi-Fi for all passengers up to 15 megabytes of usage, after which it’s $5 an hour.

Overall, my experience with Philippine Airlines on their Airbus A330-300 aircraft was a pleasant one. The crew’s hospitality and attention to detail made me feel comfortable and well taken care of throughout the flight.”

During the flight, Mr. Chui was presented with a dessert called buco tapioca with hot syrup. The flight attendant serving him explained that it is a Filipino dessert and that they call it buco for coconut. She also offered him ice cream from Arce Dairy, which comes in flavors such as avocado, mango, and cheese.

Mr. Chui tried the cheese ice cream and found it to be very sweet but enjoyable.

The flight attendant serving Sam noticed that he was videotaping everything and asked him about it. Mr. Chui explained that he runs a YouTube channel and loves documenting his airline experiences. He likes to share the amenities, food, and seating products offered by airlines with his viewers and supporters. Sam also mentioned that he was flying in a seat without a neighbor, which allowed him to have a bed and an office space during the flight.

Overall, Mr. Chui enjoyed his dessert and ice cream and was excited to document his experience for his YouTube channel. He thanked the flight attendant serving him and his viewers for making it all possible.

In a sponsored video by Away Travel, Sam takes a look at the features of their suitcase. He shows the net inside the suitcase that separates items and the strap that secures them. The suitcase also has a built-in battery that can charge any device with a USB cord. Sam offers a discount code for viewers to get $20 off their purchase.

Next, Mr. Chui takes a tour of the crew rest area on a Philippine Airlines flight. He discovers that the rest area is located in the middle of the cabin and is accessed by a small door underneath the floor. The rest area has eight cots for the crew to rest during long flights.

Finally, Mr. Chui tries out the Premium Economy section on the flight. He notes that there are 33 seats in this section, and the legroom is spacious.

However, he finds the seat slightly tight and realizes he needs to lose weight to fit better in the seats.

Overall, Mr. Chui’s video provides an interesting look at the features of the Away Travel suitcase, the crew rest area on a flight, and the Premium Economy section on Philippine Airlines.

Recently, a traveler had an amazing experience flying with Philippine Airlines. The warmth and excellent service provided by the crew made the traveler feel like they were having a fiesta. The crew’s customer service was exceptional, and it made the onboard experience even better.

Mr. Chui paid $1100 for a round trip from Dubai to Manila and back. Although there were some areas where the airline could improve, such as the in-flight entertainment and better blankets in Business Class, the amazing service more than made up for these shortcomings.

He recounted that this was not the latest Business Class product offering from Philippine Airlines, and they were eager to try out the new ones. Overall, the experience was fantastic, and the traveler highly recommends flying with Philippine Airlines.

If you’re looking for a great airline with excellent customer service, consider flying with Philippine Airlines.

Take some time for yourself and discover new destinations!

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