Top 30 Things to Do in Baguio

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Find out the best attractions around Baguio and discover its mountain range with these guides. While capitals in the Philippines and most of its cities will hit blistering temperatures for the entire dry season, these cities are relatively cold with relatively low rainfall and can easily get you anywhere you want. Its romantic surroundings are also ideal for holiday packages for families. The average summer day temperatures rise from a mere 26C, making the district a popular tourist attraction. The town got its name from a green flowering plant called “bag-iw” that grew there, which the Americans during the occupation pronounced as “bag-iw”.

Things To Do In Baguio

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Discover Tam-Awan Village

Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

Tam-Awan Village was designed following local Ifugao villages so the community would know some areas in the localities from the vantage point. Chanum founded its foundation in 1998 and is located within a hillside and offers spectacular views of the South China Sea. You may also take time exploring a few viewing platforms around the town. This town has an abundance of cultural exhibits and a variety of art visits attracting local and visiting artists. Join Village Guides and Bookshops for a workshop in drawing, woodcarving, or oil painting for an immersive experience. It offers delicious Cordillera food and wine for people with a choice from several hours’ walking to the city’s best shopping district.

Spend Time at The Mansion

Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

This palace in Baguio was originally built primarily for military service and served as a summer house of the United States governors. A limited selection of museums and attractions are available at Mansion House but visitors cannot visit. It currently serves as its summer residence for current Philippine presidents. Its elegant central building combines Spanish Colonial Revival architecture making a great backdrop for photos taken in the house. There are also photos of places close to the ornate iron wall gate and on the gorgeously manicured yard. A special visitor area is located at Mansion House Museum at which visitors can find Presidential Memories.

Buy Souvenirs at the Good Shepherd Convent

Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

Nuns, as well as volunteers of the International Faithful of Good Shepherd Sisters, run the convent, while profits made by Good Shepherd benefit charities. Students of Mountain Maid Training Centre and Development Inc. developed the products in an initiative for the organization for poor women students from Kalinga and Bontoc. Put a line up for 30 minutes to wait before your service will finish, but don’t be disappointed when your requested item doesn’t arrive yet. Though some photographers would like to photograph from the View Deck with the Cordillera Mountains to the top, they will have a splendid view of the peaks.

Go Bargain-Hunting at Baguio Night Market

Things To Do In Baguio
Image from Philippine News Agency

The Baguio night market provides shops that sell second-hand clothes. Between 10:00 AM and 10:00 AM parts of Harrison Road in East Burnham Park can be turned into flea markets. Ukay – Kikaya is a local name representing surplus products brought out of elsewhere and distributed overseas. When the shop has finished picking up an egg to serve as a snack in the east corner, this road leads from South Street to East Street and back towards the west. Rare vintage items are always worth buying or are still in their original condition unless the original item is sold. When I place my order online there are more of us.

Buy Fresh goods at Baguio City Public Market

Baguio City Market Vegetable Proper
Wikimedia Commons

Traders are looking for a chance to learn how many fresh and dried foods and ingredients have been harvested around. These markets believe they are good-looking, cheap, and thorough. This place will probably suit you to go as soon as you have your goods on board, but before you leave. In the end.

Appreciate art at BenCab Museum

Bencab Museum In Benguet%2C Philippines
Wikimedia Commons

The BenCab Musée contains the archive of Philippine national artist Benedictiana Cabrera. Several exhibition spaces exist there, besides an exhibition facility. The museum includes many galleries with themed objects including one devoted entirely to Cordillera paintings on a specific site. Highlights of the Museum, in general, are museums and artworks from national artist Sabel, with famous musings. Café Eabel serves recipes from the Cabrenera family using ingredients sourced from the museum. Erotica Gallery is also known as Indigo Gallery, where several paintings and sculptures explore sensuality.

Under the museum stretches an eco-trail for farms and gardens that highlights the indigenous architectural characteristic of Ifugao, balinga and bontoc islands. Ili-likha Artists Village is an artists/food hub hidden from the busy Session Road in Baguio. An enjoyable way to eat and drink in the museum. Many food stores serve interesting dinners in the vicinity.

His four-story private museum in Baguio displays his painting works, sculptures, and installations. The entrance fee covers the entrance to extensive gardens, with enchanting riverside and miniature waterfalls. The museum is just 15 minutes from the center of the jeeps to be found at the Baguio market.

The Artist himself arrives occasionally with his images or you might start a conversation as you get acquainted with them. The museum has an outdoor cafe Sabel, an antique stall, and gardens to observe Ifugao-based architecture, Kalinga, and Bontoc culture. Let’s continue.

Take a dip at the Asin Hot Springs

Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

15 km from Baguio’s center is Asin Springs in Baguio. Thermal springs are an excellent place to relax and rejuvenate. Although the pool has been treated, the water that fills it is naturally sourced directly out of the mountains. Some experts say these waters contain therapeutic uses. Besides soothing muscle injuries, the heated water contains sulfur, which aids in blood circulation and moisturizes. In addition, they offer different facilities, which range from adults to children-incompatible pools as well as varied facilities for adults and younger adults. Have you got some suggestions?

Admire the Taoist Architecture of Bell Church

Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

The Bell Church is a temple from the Chinese Filipino religious organization that is in La Trinidad, Benguet. This place is important for the local Chinese Filipino community. It is also one of the tourist sites in La Trinidad and Baguio.

The Bell Church was founded on August 4, 1960, in Benguet, when the area was still part of Mountain Province. It began with a group of Chinese people from Canton (now Guangzhou), led by Ng Pee.

Bell Church is the center at which the Baguio Chinese Filipinos live. The firm was set up with Chinese immigrant Ng Pee from the Canton region. The building focuses primarily on the Taoi construction however also has an amalgamation of Buddhist figures and uses ancient Chinese methods of construction. It’s decorated with a pagoda, dragon statues, and lion statues. The church is an architectural landmark and is decorated with five bell rings that decorate. There is an elegant moat lake for wishes. The central courtyard provides spectacular panoramic views from one side of the home.

Explore Baguio Museum

Baguio Museum %28Gov. Pack Road%2C Baguio%2C Benguet%29%282018 02 25%29
Wikimedia Commons

The Baguio Museum is inspired by the architecture of Ifugao homes. The museum is made out of stone and wood, like an Ifugao home. It has a pyramid roof with two poles at the stair entrance that are like posts that hold up the floor in an Ifugao house.

The Baguio Museum resembles the traditional Ifugao house. The main room includes the craftsmanship from the Cordillera Provinces. The collection includes many native art objects from each tribe, traditional jewelry garments, fabric, or musical instruments surrounded by glass and covered in a textured cloth. More interesting are burial jars or wooden coffins, among these whose remains are authentic human mummified. The collection also includes historical documents, which show what people’s history has meant to them during their lifetime. Baguios represents Bengue Province.

Try horseback riding at Wright Park

Wright Park%2C Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

Wright Park offers an open promenade filled with blossoms, a park lined with pine trees, and high stairways that take visitors back on a cycle tour loop. The long rectangular pond is named the “Pool of Pines”, and this title would make no sense if it was so long the pond had pine trees on both sides. It’s one of the most popular places to visit on your vacation to Baguio. Are you going to an adventure with children? Friendly ponies are perfect for kids. Please ensure that each horse is staffed by an experienced handler who will take control of the horse in all its stages.

Stop by the Ifugao Woodcarver’s Village

Ifugao Wood Carvers Village holds the largest number of experienced Woodcarters in Baguio. Wood-carving is recognized for quality and craftsmanship among Cordillera tribes in these disciplines. A village known for its high-quality wooden carved stone walls. In addition for those with smaller critical necklaces to large Igorot statues, you may be surprised by an amazing handwork selection. You can make souvenirs to help the local woodcrafts industry. The Woodcarver community showcases native artifacts and culture through wood carving.

Go Strawberry Picking at the Trinidad Strawberry Farm

Lagalag In La Trinidad %282402014949%29
Wikimedia Commons

Fresh Strawberry is one of the favorite souvenirs at Baguio. For travel, on a family basis, your child can enjoy strawberry picking at The Trinidad Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad. In March through April strawberries can be retrieved during their harvest. It is highly recommended to visit this strawberry farm in La Trinidad. One will enjoy the colorful fields and see how they grow their strawberries. It also helps local farmers through tourism, so it is good for them too.

Explore Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay%2C Baguio Panoramio
Wikimedia Commons

John Hay’s Camps were rest/recreation spaces for Army soldiers. During its existence, it became a popular place for tourists. It has all the necessary attractions available within a central location. In this expansive park leisure area, guests can enjoy various activities. Treetop Safari combines the excitement of superhero rides and zipline excursions with Treetop Free swing. It features an interesting butterfly sanctuary and an extensive collection of butterfly species. Book a stay at Forest Lodge in Camp John Hay and enjoy all of its amenities.

Visit Baguio Cathedral

2181841883 C1515808Fc B
Wikimedia Commons

The Cathedral of Baguio has NeoGothic architecture whose exteriors are decorated with roses to the east and stained-glass windows. During World War II, the building was a refugee center. The building is situated at the top of a mountain and gives visitors amazing views of Session Road. The hotel can be climbed in the 1024 steps and the path down to the top of the hill is easily accessible for people walking. It has one of the largest churches in the city, the largest in a US Catholic community with almost 63 million inhabitants every year.

Relax at the Baguio Botanical Garden

800Px Baguio Botanical Garden
Wikimedia Commons

The garden was named in 2009 Centennial Park to celebrate Baguio’s 100 years in the capital city. Exploring the Garden can be an adventure of its own, bringing you various sections of attractions at once. The botanical garden is filled with pines for an unusual purpose. A garden provides a nursery for establishing native plants that can grow in a park or a nearby garden, eventually. The city park is also an urban green space with many green spaces. When it comes to woods/shrubs, it is possible to explore different areas at the same time.

Go Boating at Burnham Park

Burnham Park Baguio Boats 2004
Wikimedia Commons

Burnham Park is an old park in the city of Baguio. It was designed by an American architect, Daniel Burnham.

The park’s design is influenced by the City Beautiful movement. The park has a small pond in the middle and also sidewalks. In 2014, only the open field and Melvin Jones Grandstand adhere to Burnham’s original design.

Boating into Burnham lagoon at sunset creates unforgettable adventures for scouting for loved ones. There are various boat rental sites here that are easy to use and allow cruising. Boating in Burnham lagoon is a great option for exploring the town and its attractions. Explore park attractions for an enjoyable escape and cool breeze to avoid crowds.

Enjoy Baguio’s Great Eats

Food Restaurant %28Sm City Baguio Mall%2C Baguio%2C Benguet%29%282018 02 25%29
Wikimedia Commons

Some great eateries in Baguio include the Café by the Ruins, Good Taste Cafe and restaurant at Hill Station, and Oh My Gulay Artist Cafe. Traditional Cordilleran dishes such as etag (sun-dried smoked meat) and pinuneg (sauteed ibaloi sausages) The Farmer’s Daughter serves simple home-cooked regional cuisine centered on smoked meats, fresh vegetables, and local First-time customers always try the Tahi & Sweet Strawberries Ice Cream on the menu. There is also “undot kulango” smaller portions of Kalamaya.

Go Ghost Hunting

Laperal House 1
Wikimedia Commons

There are numerous ghost stories surrounding these locations. The Laperal home or Laperal Whitehouse has several historical locations that have been considered ghosty in terms of those deaths that took place during the First World War II. A visit to haunted houses and locations, especially during Halloween, can be very interesting if a person loves to watch movies or just go for an adventure. Visit the famous haunting and ghost houses of Baguio. In the city grove, you can celebrate Halloween in fun.

Head to Easter Weaving Room

Best Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

Easter Weaving rooms are among the only places near Baguio where you can behold authentic traditional woven techniques originating from native peoples. Other items you can have in your collection are bedsheets and pillows. Our Easter weaving workshop uses an excellent quality item which may actually cost less than it cost. A unique handmade fabric, you have the opportunity to learn how to craft stunning fabric Montanosa. It’s an enjoyable part of any day’s adventure.

Feast on Local Cuisine at The Farmer’s Daughter

The Farmer & Daughter restaurant offers local homecooked cuisine with barbecued meat. Fresh foods are served. Try some popular bestsellers such as Pinikpikan Etag or Pinuneg. Igorot is an indigenous tribe in Cordillera that follows specific rules with respect to preparing chicken soup. The distinctive sausages of the Ibaloi tribe include pork ‘blood’ cooked in onion spice sauce and other native herbs. What is the best way to taste native food from an exotic place?

Check out the Colors of StoBoSa

Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

The StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork, officially designated as the StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork, is a community artwork created by the Tam-awan Village group and is a well-known tourist attraction in La Trinidad, Benguet. The individual artwork is made up of the paintworks of numerous houses.

StoBoSa Hillside House Artwork is spread over 180,000 square meters over about 200 houses. Inspired by the Favelas in Rio Janeiro, Brazil, and the Gamcheon Cultural Town, South Korea, the local community sought to transform the hill. These beautifully decorated communal arts became an overnight ad hoc attraction and there’ll also be excursions to La Trinidad Benguet.

Head to Mines View Park

Mines View Park 1
Wikimedia Commons

This popular visitor spot in Baguio is Mines View Park, which offers a stunning panorama view of the city. The village is around 4 kilometers from the city center and it is worth traveling there to see the sunrise.

Mines View Park sits on a ridge in northeastern Baguio. One of its primary attractions is a view soaring over Cordillera Mountain. Tourists can use traditional Ifugao clothing like bahagi (loincloth, blouse, or vest), headdresses, and carry swords and spears for capturing pictures. You’ll also get souvenir-branded items such as clothes, knitted clothes, and wooden gifts. It’s not difficult to get the Taho vendor here because they have everything.

Grab the Best Deals at Ukay-Ukay Stores

Things To Do In Baguio
Wikimedia Commons

Good bargain lovers rejoice: Baguio offers a glimpse into the life of a dream through their Ukay-Ukay shops, where second-hand clothing (often transported from outside) is sold at cheap rates. There’s almost every Ukay area within the town, but the best place in Baguio Night Fairs on Harrison Road. The fair runs from 9 am and 4 pm and feature lovely jewelry and shoes and excellent clothing. Burgers of the city provide all that you need.

Try the Local Beer at Baguio Craft Brewery

17257295563 725423Ec00 B

Craft beer trends abound in Filipino society. Visit the Baguio Craft Brewery whose illuminated festival lights and wooden seats within it create a special environment for your taste experience. Craft beer is poured over 18 rotating bottles, and its major beer is strawberries. Their Bar chow uses fresh Ingredients found throughout the Cordillera region including tender chicken skin marinated with spicy Pinakurat vinegar.

Sing Karaoke at Session Road

Explore the Baguio Nightlife and see if there’s activity there. This 1.7-kilometer stretch is ideally situated on its main streets where bars and restaurants line the main avenue from the 1920s to 1950s America. Artifacts adorn the buildings. A popular place to meet a small group is Rabbit Hole, which is an Alice in Wonderland-themed Bar and KTV Lounge with VIP rooms for those seeking a memorable time with friends and family.

Stop to see the Giant Lion’s Head

Bgo Lions Head
Philippine News Agency

This cartoon statue depicts a lion head and weighs 40-ft and comes with painted silver and white lion head feathers to match an embroidered crown. The frightening beast has its own home and is considered an ideal location for photo ops across Luzon City and its surrounding regions. It was first built by the Lion Club in the 1970s and is now considered one of the guardians of the city.

Go Shopping for Unique Souvenirs

When you need to find cheap good quality jackets boots and clothes a few shopping centers offer. In addition, popular stops for souvenir shopping include Good Shepherds, a wooden-work shop (carved goods and accessories), an Easter weaving room (original textiles and clothing traditions), and Baguio City Market (coffee beans, fresh fruits, and packaged products).

Zipline at Camp John Hay

The United States Navy’s Army Station John Hay began operations throughout the 20th century and in 1991 was restored to the United States. Currently, 213 hectares is a playground with outdoor activities at Treetop. Return to Terra Firma and visit Bellhouse’s historical building, which represents US Colonial architecture.

Treetop Adventures is ideal for your friend or family, to be 100 feet above the ground. There are jungle paths, suspension bridges, and motorcycle canopy tours. It was a great place to eat, shop for a bargain, go for a stroll or just relax.

Discover Books by Local Authors at Mt. Cloud Bookshop

11879096533 F00941330C B

Mt. Cloud Bookshop is an independent bookshop in Casa Vallejo, that specializes in Filipino novels and other titles of interest to readers. It has the cheapest online bookshop that is easy to browse. In addition, they provide talks, training, and mini activities to stimulate curiosity in art or literature.

There are a Lot of Things to Do in Baguio!

Whether you’re looking for something active to do or just want to relax, Baguio has plenty of things that will suit your needs. From natural wonders like the Mines View Park and The Valley of Colors to man-made attractions like Camp John Hay’s Tree Top Adventure, there are lots of opportunities in this beautiful city. Make sure not to miss out on the chance to enjoy local goods at Cordillera crafts stores or try some authentic Filipino dishes! With 18 different activities listed here, it should be easy enough for anyone visiting Baguio City Philippines to find an activity they love while exploring all that this great place has to offer.

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