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Seat sales are offered regularly by major airlines. Promotions are announced multiple times per week, largely by Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, and TigerAir. Philippine Airlines offers them less frequently, only once to a couple of times in a month. All promo fares are prominently posted on the official web site of every airline.

Book promo fares online. Most promo fares are only available when booked on-line, directly through each airline’s respective official booking channels, which might include their web site or mobile program. Purchasing tickets online is the best method to grab these fare reductions. 

Depending upon the conditions published on the statement, they might also be availed via their call centre or ticketing outlets. Remember that 3rd party travel agencies, even when they’re affiliated with or licensed by the airlines themselves, may not have access to all promo fares. These agencies would probably tell you that they can’t find the discounted fares inside their system, and offer regular fares instead. Promo fares can be purchased just like regular fares. You may DIY utilizing the on-line booking service of the airline of your choice. Many airlines currently accept the Automated teller machine and above the counter cash payment in addition to credit cards. 

AirAsia and Cebu Pacific don’t usually demand promotional codes to view the discount rates, but philippine airlines sometimes do. The period of sale or reservation on many airline promos can be obtained for a limited time only. If you would like to avail of those inexpensive flights, you need to book your flights before the selling period is finished. Promo fares are also only available for dates on or inside the designated journey period. In case your travel itineraries don’t match the travel period posted or when the voucher had already died, you might watch out for the next promo statement by visiting the airline’s web site again on a later date.  

Ever wondered why refurbished seats are sold at such cheap rates? It is mainly since they come with fewer privileges compared to regular fares purchased from legacy airlines. Depending upon the airline coverage, the fare conditions might fall upon these cases: date/time change, name change, destination change, refunds on fare and add ons, missed check-in deadline or fail to plank, journey details changes, and membership miles accrual. When booking promos, it’s vital that you’re flexible with your travel dates or plans in order that you’ll not need to pay more if you would like to change the details on your flight route.