AirAsia Greets February 2022 with Chinese New Year and 2.2 Travel Promos

February 2022 is here, and with it, promos from the world’s best low-cost airline, AirAsia. Through its Chinese New Year (CNY) Deals Never Stop Promo and 2.2 Save Now, Fly Later Sale, AirAsia is offering huge discounts on flights, hotels, and ancillary services.

Check out this AirAsia Philippines Promo!

AirAsia Philippines has joined the rest of the Philippine tourism industry in calling for safe domestic travel this year as part of its efforts to help start the recovery of travel businesses – from small to large firms. To do so, AirAsia is offering several bang-for-the-buck specials on flights and other travel essentials, including hotel reservations and in-flight add-on purchases. This year, Air Asia Philippines maintains its optimism for increased traffic, backed by a survey that suggests more Filipinos are confident about their ability to go abroad in the next nine months.

Airasia Philippines Promo For 2022 For As Low As 188 One Way Base Fare

“With the increase in confidence for travel among Filipinos, we see the rise of pandemic preparedness skills. We at AirAsia would like to assist even more Filipino families and friends in reconnecting this year to commemorate milestones and seasons they have missed over the last few years. This is why our coverage of flight bookings for our CNY and 2.2 discounts extends through Q3,” AirAsia Philippines Spokesperson and Head of Communications and Public Affairs Steve Dailisan says. “We are thrilled and ready to welcome more of our kababayans aboard Air Asia this 2022. Xin Nian Kuai Le!”

The CNY Deals Never Stop Promo, which allows travelers to book their trips and take advantage of the low-final-fares promotion until January 30, 2022, provides discounts in the range of 10% on staycations and hotel stays if you use the 2.2 Sale promo code ‘AAHOTEL10.’

For those seeking good fortune on the road in 2022, the Php 188 base fare bargain is ideal since it is considered in numerology that numbers with many repetitions of eight are more fortunate! And passengers who grab this offer are blessed, whether they’re going for seasonals like Valentine’s or Summer vacations or simple family trips; all flights booked until September 31 are covered.

Those with a top-tier waiting game, on the other hand, may purchase a Php 22 base fare flight during Save Now, Fly Later’s February 2 to 4 event. The duration of this trip is from June 1, 2022, through September 30, 2022.

Keep up to speed on the local government jurisdictions’ restrictions and requirements while traveling with AirAsia Philippines. Guests may consult the page for flight status updates, as well as LGU travel rules.

The airline has also stated that several safety procedures are implemented from boarding to landing, including HEPA filters in all AirAsia planes, contactless payments via the AirAsia Super App, rigorous use of face masks, and social distance.

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