New AirAsia Flights from Manila to Encourage Trade, Tourism

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Come April 2022, new AirAsia Flights from Manila will be revived — two new domestic and three international routes to help speed the recovery of trade and tourism from the downward effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new domestic routes will be between Manila and Dumaguete, and Manila and Roxas, while the relaunched international destinations will be Bali, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, and Incheon, South Korea. AirAsia Philippines said that these new routes are in line with their goal of helping to revive the economy by increasing travel and tourism.

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Flights to important Asian cities will not only offer economic possibilities, but they will also hasten the recovery process, according to AirAsia Philippines spokesman Steve Dailisan.

New Airasia Flights From Manila

New AirAsia Flights from Manila Beginning April 2022

AirAsia Philippines will resume operations to/from Bali, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand; and Incheon, South Korea in April. The flight frequencies for these three routes may be announced very soon, according to Dailisan.

Before the epidemic, he said that the airline served Incheon twice a day, Bali once a day, and Bangkok 11 times a week, catering to tourists and overseas Filipino workers. The following were the pre-pandemic load factors: 84.4 percent for Incheon, 89.8 percent for Bali, and 92 percent for Bangkok.

Dailisan said new domestic routes will be added in April and May, respectively. Dumaguete and Roxas are the two new domestic destinations to be established.

“Opening Dumaguete and Roxas (routes) will play an important role in strengthening the Central and Western Visayas gateways, allowing guests coming from these provinces greater access to safe, convenient flights,” Dailisan said.

The Dumaguete and Roxas routes will be critical in extending access to safe, convenient flights for guests coming from the Central and Western Visayas, Dailisan expounded.

The government’s simplified travel regulations and procedures, according to Dailisan, have had a big impact on inbound travel and domestic tourism. “Our pandemic response’s adaptive approach is precisely what our nation needs to move forward,” he said. “The carrier is very happy with the development.”

The Philippines reopened its borders to completely immunize foreign tourists on February 10, nearly two years after shutting them due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Inbound international visitors are no longer required to quarantine themselves.

More AirAsia Flights from Manila with Increased Frequencies

In a related development, after the government opened the country’s borders to visitors, AirAsia Philippines announced Tuesday that it has increased flight frequencies in preparation for the influx of foreign tourists.

AirAsia said that beginning March 2022, the frequency of its flights to Caticlan will be increased to 34 times per week.

The low-cost airline announced that it will operate 14 weekly flights to Iloilo, 24 times per week to Tacloban, and 14 times per week to Panglao. According to the carrier, flights between Manila and Cagayan de Oro will be increased from 11 times weekly to nine times weekly, flights between Manila and Kal

“The increased number of AirAsia flights from Manila is part of our pledge to ensure that we can sustain and prop up demand over the summer,” said Steve Dailisan, spokesperson for AirAsia Philippines.

“We are ecstatic about the latest news, as March, April and May are popular months for foreign visitors, especially those interested in tropical islands and diving locations.” AirAsia Philippines spokesperson Steve Dailisan said in a statement.

“Our tourism sector will benefit greatly from the much anticipated international visitors, who will likely propel us into post-epidemic recovery,” he continued.

AirAsia has stated that its AirAsia flights from Manila to destinations including Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, Caticlan, Davao, General Santos, Iloilo, Kalibo (Panglao), Puerto Princesa , Tacloban and Zamboanga now accept fully vaccinated foreign tourists who only need their vaccination cards to enter.

To check out flight availability and booking options, please refer to the official AirAsia Philippines website.

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