COVID Travel Requirements Clark for Foreign Departures and Arrivals

COVID Travel Requirements Clark from Philippine Airlines (Updated February 26, 2021): Flying to and from Clark International Airport soon, please be reminded of the COVID Travel Requirements Clark before you plan your flight and fly. The information contained here is from the official travel advisory website of Philippine Airlines.

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Covid Travel Requirements Clark

Philippine Airlines Requirements for Clark Foreign Arrivals:

Note: An Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW is a person from the Philippines who is living and working in another country, typically on a temporary basis. This includes land-based OFWs and seafarers/sea-based OFWs. Families traveling together with at least one OFW will be considered all OFWs. Non-OFWs refer to Returning Overseas Filipinos (non-OFW students, non-OFW Balikbayan, non-OFW tourist, etc.), spouse and children of Filipinos, diplomats, foreign officials accredited by the Philippines, and eligible non-Filipino/foreign citizens.

In compliance with Philippine regulations, the Inter-Agency Task Force on the management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) has revised the arrival and quarantine protocols for passengers arriving in the Philippines. Eligible travelers are required to undergo a facility-based quarantine while waiting for their RT-PCR test administered on day six (6). Day one (1) starts on the day of the passenger’s arrival.


1. Fill out the Health Declaration Card, Case Investigation Form, and the Affidavit of Undertaking. Click on each form to download a copy:

2. For non-OFWs and foreign nationals, ensure to have a confirmed booking at a hotel accredited by Tourism and Health Agencies and for at least 6 nights. Passengers arriving before hotel standard check-in times are encouraged to book an additional night to ensure room availability. You must stay at your booked hotel for your scheduled test and until  the test result is sent and a BOQ medical certificate is issued. Please click here for the list of DOH-Inspected hotels in Clark.


3. During your flight, accomplish the Arrival Card.


4. At the BOQ Desk, submit the Health Declaration Card to the Bureau of Quarantine Personnel.
5. For non-OFWs and non-Filipinos, proceed to Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory (PADLab) desk for CIF verification and payment (Php 4,000.00).

6. Proceed to your designated desk for your hotel verification and assignment:

  • For OFWs, proceed to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) Desk 
  • For non-OFWs and foreign nationals, proceed to the DOT Desk.

7. Clear with Immigration and submit the Arrival Card.

8. Claim your baggage at the designated carousel and clear with Customs Check.

9. Proceed to your quarantine hotel.

  • For OFWs, a shuttle/bus provided by OWWA will take you to your assigned hotel.
  • For non-OFWs and foreign nationals, only pre-arranged airport-hotel transfer services or airport taxis are allowed to take you to your assigned hotel.


10. Check in at your hotel and wait for your scheduled test, which is on day 6 of your quarantine stay. Wait for an e-mail of your swab test result, which you will receive in 24- 48 hours.

Day 1 starts on the day you arrive in the Philippines. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms (e.g., dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell, etc.) at any time before your scheduled test, please inform the hotel you are staying in so a medical or BOQ officer can assess and check up on you immediately.

11. For OFWs, your accommodation and food during your stay will be shouldered by the Philippine government. For non-OFWs, your accommodation and food during your stay will be at your own expense. Delivery of food and other essentials to your room are subject to the rules and regulations of the hotel.


12. If you test positive, the Bureau of Quarantine will transfer you to a designated hospital for further medical management.
If you test negative, the Bureau of Quarantine will send you your test result together with a Medical Clearance Certificate. Present this together with your test result for clearance from your hotel.

13. You may call your relatives or respective Local Government Units to pick you up at your hotel or arrange your own transportation.

  • For Land-Based OFWs, you may coordinate with OWWA or use the OWWA Uwian Na portal for further transportation needs.
  • For Sea-Based OFWs, you may coordinate with your Local Manning Agency (LMA) for further transportation needs.
  • For non-OFWs and foreign nationals, if your ticket’s original destination is in Manila or outside Clark, Philippine Airlines shall accommodate you on a shuttle/bus that will take you to NAIA Terminal 2. Please coordinate with your hotel so that they can notify us that you are ready to be transferred to Manila.

You may also wish to be accommodated on the next flight available to your final point of arrival (e.g., CRK-DVO). Call our Reservations Hotline at +6328855-8888 (8AM to 8PM) for changes on connecting flight/s. If you wish to depart from Clark, an airport terminal fee (or Passenger Service Charge / PSC) amounting to PHP 150.00 will be collected from you in Clark International Airport upon check-in. To avoid inconvenience, please prepare the PSC in Philippine Peso currency prior to check-in in Clark. For OFWs, the airport terminal fee shall be shouldered by OWWA or your LMAs.

14. If you wish to terminate your travel in Clark instead, you must sign a Declaration and Release Form from PAL, available at the reception desk of your hotel.

15. If you have an onward PAL flight, please ensure to pre-register and secure all travel and health documents required by your destination’s Local Government Unit (LGU). Click here for more information.

16.  Please complete your 14-day quarantine or self-isolation under the monitoring of your LGU and Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERT).

Source: Philippine Airlines Clark Airport Arrival Guide

Philippine Airlines COVID Travel Requirements Clark for Foreign Departures Reminders:

Last updated: PH Local Time, March 02, 2021Philippine Airlines and its passengers shall strictly observe the following in all airport facilities and on board the aircraft:

a. Mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields.

b. Mandatory use of the Traze Mobile Application to generate and scan their QR code when entering in, boarding from, and upon arriving in all Philippine Airports starting November 28, 2020, as mandated by the Philippine Department of Transportation. Click here to download and know more about the Traze App.

c. Registration to PAL’s Passenger Profile and Health Declaration Form as early as 5 days before departure and securing required travel and health documents of the destination.

d . Mandatory physical and social distancing and minimum contact at all times at the airport and onboard the aircraft. 

Philippine Airlines shall do its best to observe social distancing measures inside the aircraft, subject to space availability. Family members and individuals travelling together as part of the same household may still choose to be seated together..

e. Mandatory public safety announcements. 

f. Strict compliance on safety procedures in handling of (suspected) ill passengers on board, which include keeping the last three (3) rows of the plane vacant as isolation area. 

g. Regular sanitation and disinfection of airline facilities and equipment, and in coordination with the airport authorities, all airport facilities and equipment, including lavatories, frequently touched surfaces, wheelchairs, trolleys, countertops, etc.; Daily first aid stocks available on board the aircraft.

Per PAL’s Conditions of Carriage, the passenger is solely responsible for verifying and complying with all applicable government laws/regulations of all countries to be flown from, to, or through. PAL shall not be liable for the passenger’s failure to comply with said laws/regulations, or for any aid or information given here or by a PAL agent or employee in connection with said laws/regulations.

These rules are subject to change by the issuing government authority and are issued for passengers’ and the public’s safety. As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories below are meant only as a guide. Please make sure that you have the correct and have completed the required documents before you travel.

Philippine Airlines International Departure Reminders

Passengers are reminded to follow these steps before they fly: 

1. Register and accomplish the Passenger Profile and Health Declaration (PPHD) Form and save the confirmation e-mail and QR code, as early as 5 days prior to your departure. This is a 2-step pre-registration and registration process. Click this link to register:

2. Secure additional required travel and health documents (including COVID-19 testing as necessary). Please refer to the country requirements posted below and “Mandatory COVID-19 Testing and PAL Testing Partners” for any additional testing requirements of your destination country. As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories are meant only as a guide.

3. Undergo a documentation check at the airport for check-in clearance. The documents checker shall assess the completeness and validity of your documents. You may not be able to check in and board the flight if you miss any of the requirements.

4. Undergo additional security screening upon check-in and/or at the pre-departure area. Passengers are advised to adjust their arrival time at the airport terminal for check-in:

     • at least 4 hours before scheduled time of departure or by 8:00PM latest for international flights from Manila
     • at least 3 hours for all other International flights

Source: Philippine Airlines Departure Guide

COVID Travel Requirements Cebu for Foreign Departures and Arrivals Disclaimer: Please note that there may be multiple travel requirements for each destination on national and provincial levels. These rules are subject to change by the issuing local government authority and are issued for our passengers’ and the public’s safety. As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories above serve as a general guide.