The Ins and Outs of Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee

For budget travelers, the baggage fee is one of the most important things to consider when booking a flight on Cebu Pacific. After all, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard by hidden fees at the airport. That’s why we’re here to give you the lowdown on the Cebu Pacific baggage fee.

The Ins And Outs Of Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee

Cebu Pacific Carry-on / Hand Carry Baggage

You are allowed to bring one small backpack or suitcase as your carry-on baggage on Cebu Pacific, so long as it does not exceed the maximum weight of 7 kg and dimensions of 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm. If it does, you will have to check it in and pay the fee.

Summary of Cebu Pacific Hand Carry Baggage Allowance

Carry-on BaggageMaximum WeightMaximum Dimensions
Carry-on bag7.0 kg56 x 36 x 23 cm
Small Bag (e.g. handbag, laptop bag, etc.)35 x 20 x 20 cm

Extra Carry-On Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee

Each passenger will be charged PHP 1000 for extra carry-on baggage for domestic flights. Additionally, the hand-carry bag must not exceed 7 kilograms.

Passengers of international short-haul flights will be charged PHP 1500 for extra carry-on baggage, while those taking long-haul flights will be charged PHP 3000.

Cebu Pacific Checked Baggage

There are no checked bag allowances for Cebu Pacific flights. Passengers can buy Prepaid Baggage Allowances for checked baggage if they want them. If no baggage allowance has been pre-purchased, passengers may check in their luggage after paying the current standard airport baggage fees and are subject to specific restrictions.

As of March 2022, the max weight limit will be 20kg or 32kg per one (1) piece of luggage. For 40kg allowances, only one (1) or two (2) pieces will be allowed.

At the time of booking and up to two hours before the scheduled departure time, you may use your Prepaid Baggage Allowance. Each checked baggage item can weigh 32 kg maximum, and none of the luggage should be delicate or valuable. Any extra weight, bulk, or pieces are subject to the Oversized Baggage Fee, Excess Baggage Fee, and/or Extra Bag Fee as determined by your origin or destination country’s laws and regulations.

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Here is a summary of the Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee (Prepaid) for Philippine domestic and international routes

Here is a summary of Cebu Pacific Baggage Price 2022:

ItineraryCurrencyPrepaid Baggage Fees*Prepaid Baggage Fees*Prepaid Baggage Fees*
(20 kg)
(32 kg)
(40 kg)
Domestic flights**PHP340 / 449 / 529700 / 949 / 10991100 / 1399 / 1599
International Travel Except for Australia & DubaiPHP

850 / 1099 / 12491400 / 1749 / 18992000 / 2449 / 2799
USD24 / 28 / 2935 / 42 / 4545 / 53 / 55
International Travel Australia & DubaiPHP 1800 / 2149 / 24492800 / 3299 / 38493800 / 4399/ 4899
AED  155 / 179 / 185230 / 279 / 285320 / 357 / 365
AUD55 / 62 / 6580 / 100 / 105110 / 125 / 130
*Initial Booking / 15 days or more before departure date / 14 days or less before the departure date.
**Rates exclusive of 12% VAT. (From SeatMaestro)

Cebu Pacific Excess Baggage Fee

If the passenger does not have a Prepaid Baggage Allowance, his or her baggage will be checked upon payment of the standard airport baggage fee for the first 20 kgs. For checked luggage beyond 20 kg, there are Excess Baggage Rates (EBR) that must be paid. Excess baggage costs will be calculated when checking in at the airport using normal Excess Baggage Fees per kilogram.

Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee Table at the Airport

ItineraryCurrencyAirport Baggage Fee – first 20 KGExcess Baggage Rate per KG
Domestic flights (VAT inclusive)PHP1000250
International Travel Except Australia & DubaiPHP
International Travel Australia & DubaiPHP

Now that you know all about Cebu Pacific’s baggage fee, you can pack your bags confidently and avoid any unexpected airport surprises. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure with Cebu Pacific today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee

How much is excess kilo in Cebu Pacific?

In excess of the first 20 kilograms, which is paid either prepaid or at the airport, the Excess Baggage Rate (EBR) per kilogram is P250 for domestic flights and P550 or USD10-15 per kilogram for international flights except Australia and Dubai.
For travel to Dubai or Australia, the Excess Baggage Rate is P1200 or AUD$45 or AED100 per kilogram.

Can one pay at the airport for excess baggage for Cebu Pacific?

If the checked baggage exceeds the Prepaid Baggage Allowance purchased for the flight, the passenger will be charged an excess baggage fee. Excess baggage is priced according to weight (kilograms) when checking in at the airport.

How much baggage in kilograms is allowed by Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific Prepaid Baggage offers 20 kg and 32 kg options to choose from when deciding how much luggage to bring. You’re allowed up to two pieces of baggage as long as the combined weight does not exceed 64kg.

How can I avoid excess Cebu Pacific baggage fees?

Below are a few tips to avoid excess baggage fees:
– Prepay for additional weight. You’ll save money, in the long run, this way.
– Combine your luggage with someone you’re traveling with.
– Opt for lightweight options when possible so that you can pack more without paying extra fees.
– Become familiar with the maximum size and weight limits for carry-on bags before packing.

Do they weigh carry-on or hand-carry luggage in Cebu Pacific?

Yes, occasionally. Sometimes, check-in agents will weigh your carry-on luggage if the flight is full. They’ll put a tag on it if they think it’s over the weight limit. Usually, though, they can tell by how you’re carrying it whether or not it weighs more than 7 kgs.

Which is cheaper – paying for extra baggage online or at the airport?

If you’re worried that your luggage will surpass the specified limit, order more weight ahead of time, usually during booking. Sure, it’s an additional expense, but it’s usually far less expensive to pay for it online than at the airport. This can assist you in check-in and reduce stress.

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