Cebu Pacific Implements New Per-Piece Checked-In Baggage Options April 6, 2022

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Cebu Pacific implements per piece checked-in bag options starting April 6, 2022, allowing up to two bags with a maximum of 64 kilograms per passenger

The airline has announced changes to its Check in Baggage Cebu Pacific Policy, in line with the airline’s goal to improve its processes for a more efficient and seamless customer experience.

Starting April 6, 2022, passengers can purchase either a 20 kg or a 32 kg allowance – equivalent to only one piece of check-in luggage. A maximum of two options can be purchased per traveler, enabling every passenger to carry up to 64 kilograms of bags from the previous 40-kilogram limit.

Check In Baggage Cebu Pacific New Policy

Check out Cebu Pacific Baggage Allowance, Policies, and Fees.

Cebu Pacific remains committed to providing its passengers with the best possible travel experience, and these changes are designed to make the journey even more enjoyable.

“We’ve been continuously updating our methods in order to offer the greatest possible customer experience for each Juan while still keeping up with our worldwide competitors. This new regulation makes the procedure easier and more efficient for everyone, which we feel will result in better flight timetable management. “Ms. Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing and Customer Experience at Cebu Pacific stated.

“We advise our passengers to bring a single large bag instead of several little ones, so it will be easier and quicker for them at the bag drop counters,” Iyog continued.

  • Check in baggage Cebu Pacific has a weight limit of 20 or 32 kilograms per piece, with a maximum of two pieces allowed in total.
  • The allowance can be purchased at the time of booking or during Manage Booking, up to two hours before departure. For those who want to check-in at the airport, one piece at 20 kilograms is allowed up to one hour before departure.
  • This policy is effective as of April 6, 2022. With this new baggage allowance, travelers will have more flexibility when packing for their trips.
  • Each checked baggage piece must not weigh more than 32 kg and may only contain non-fragile, non-valuable things.
  • Excess weight, pieces, and/or size are subject to the current Oversized Baggage Fee, Excess Baggage Fee, and Extra Bag Fee, respectively.
  • For free, you may check in your baby strollers and walking canes.
  • Check-in and hand carry are not allowed for dangerous goods.

So whether you’re bringing gifts for your loved ones or souvenirs for yourself, Cebu Pacific has you covered.

Read more on the Cebu Pacific Baggage Fee Updates.

Check in Baggage Cebu Pacific Prepay

Cebu Pacific has updated its baggage policy, and passengers are now encouraged to purchase their baggage allowance when they book their tickets. This new per-piece check-in baggage Cebu Pacific policy applies to all passengers with checked baggage.

Cebu Pacific offers a wide range of prices for baggage allowances, so passengers can save up to 64% by purchasing their allowance during the initial booking. Cebu Pacific also offers a generous hand-carry allowance, so passengers can avoid paying baggage fees altogether if they travel light.

Whether you’re planning a longer vacation or a quick business trip, Cebu Pacific’s new baggage policy covers you.

For more information, please check out the Cebu Pacific Baggage information page.

Cebu Pacific offers a Baggage Protect insurance rider as part of their TravelSure package. This insurance rider offers compensation for the loss or damage of baggage while in transit for Check-in Baggage Cebu Pacific.

The coverage starts when the baggage is checked in and ends when the baggage is claimed at the destination airport. The insurance rider covers loss of baggage up to Php150,000.00 and damage to baggage up to Php20,000.00. Currently, this insurance rider is only available for passengers exiting the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Macau.

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