Cebu Pacific Expands International Network with More Flights to Asian Destinations

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Cebu Pacific continues to boost its international network with the recent announcement of increasing its number of flights to Bangkok and Bali and resuming flights to Brunei. This expansion gives passengers more options when traveling to these destinations.

More Flights to Bangkok

Cebu Pacific has announced that it will be upgrading its services to fly daily from Manila to Bangkok, Thailand. The airline will be using its new Airbus A321neo for the three-hour-forty-minute route. The daily flights will begin next week on August 29th and will operate Mondays through Fridays. Cebu Pacific currently offers five flights per week on the route (excluding Tuesdays and Sundays), so the upgrade to daily service significantly increases the frequency. This is good news for passengers who frequently travel between the two cities for business or leisure. With more flights to choose from, they will have greater flexibility in planning their trips. Cebu Pacific is confident that the increased frequency will be popular with customers and will help to boost traffic on the route.

Check out the daily Manila-Bangkok Cebu Pacific Flights:

  • Flight 5J 929 Manila (MNL) to Bangkok (BKK) departing daily at 5:10 AM and arriving at 7:50 AM
  • Flight 5J 930 Bangkok (BKK) to Manila (MNL) departing daily at 9:05 AM and arriving at 1:35 PM
Cebu Pacific Expands International Network With More Flights To Asian Destinations
Cebu Pacific is ramping up its international operations with new flights to Bangkok, Bali and Brunei,

More Manila-Bali Flights

Likewise, Cebu Pacific is increasing its flight frequencies for its Manila-Bali route, starting September 2nd. The airline currently only flies on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays but will now include the weekends into the schedule. Bali is a tourist hotspot for its beaches and villas, so the Filipino carrier decided to make it more convenient for travelers by flying every day of the week. The new schedule is as follows:

  • Flight 5J 279 Manila (MNL) to Bali (DPS) departing Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 3:45 AM and arriving at 7:50 AM
  • Flight 5j 280 Bali (DPS) to Manila (MNL) departing Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 8:35 AM and arriving at 12:50 PM 08:35 12:50

Flights to Brunei Restarted

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the airline industry, Cebu Pacific is now poised to resume its Manila to Brunei flight service. The reinstatement of the route is scheduled from September 1, 2022, with a twice-weekly frequency.

Cebu Pacific previously used its older Airbus A320ceos to operate the route and could use the newer Airbus A320neos for the resumption.

The new schedule for the flight is as follows:

  • Flight 5J 409 Manila (MNL) to Brunei (BWN) departing Thursdays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM and arriving at 9:40 PM
  • Flight 5J 410 Brunei (BWN) to Manila (MNL) departing Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:30 PM and arriving at 12:50 AM the following day.

“We’re pleased to keep expanding our international presence as we see a growing demand for travel abroad and as more destinations relax their border controls. It’s thrilling and encouraging to see more Filipinos going about the world without fear, which is why we make sure to provide simple and inexpensive flight alternatives for everyJuan so that he or she may go places more often.” Xander Lao, CEB Chief Commercial Officer, added.

Filipinos who are completely vaccinated may travel to these three cities without providing proof of full vaccination since Thailand and Indonesia have already reduced restrictions to make it simple for tourists to enter.

Passengers returning home to the Philippines no longer need to take a COVID test prior to departure. To stay updated with the latest information and complete travel guidelines specific to your destination, check out the CEB Travel reminders page.

Cebu Pacific offers a comfortable and safe travel experience to its customers. The Philippines’ most popular low-cost airline, Cebu Pacific, continues to offer guaranteed low fares to spur growth across the company’s vast domestic network. It maintains a multi-layered approach to safety while operating with a 100 percent fully vaccinated crew that includes 95 percent of whom have been boosted – all in an effort to guarantee everyJuan flies safely and conveniently on Cebu Pacific.

This continued growth in the airline’s international network is part of CEB’s vision to provide more convenience and opportunities for travelers both locally and abroad.

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