Check out the Updated Australia Travel Requirements for 2022

COVID Australia Travel Requirements – Arriving passengers from the Philippines: This is the updated advisory for traveling passengers arriving in Australia. This is sourced from Philippine Airlines COVID travel advisories.

Australia welcomes travelers from all over the world, but in order to enter the country, visitors must have the correct visa. Depending on your passport nationality, you may be able to travel to Australia without a visa and obtain a visa on arrival, or you may need to apply for and receive a visa before departure. More information on Australian visas can be found on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Generally, travelers who require a visa will need to submit an application through an Australian embassy or consulate in their home country. There are a number of different types of visas available depending on your purpose for visiting Australia. Some visas are valid for a single entry, while others allow multiple entries over a certain period of time. Transit visas are also available for those who must pass through Australia to another destination.

For more information on specific visa requirements and how to apply, please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

These travel requirements are for travel to Australia only. Looking for information when arriving in the Philippines from abroad? Check out the COVID Travel Requirements for foreigners or returning overseas Filipinos arriving from abroad. Or click here for General Travel Requirements for Destinations Within the Philippines.

Covid Australia Travel Requirements

Australia Travel Requirements per Philippine Airlines Advisory: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane)

Allowed Travelers

  • Fully vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members may travel to Sydney and Melbourne without passenger caps.
  • Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members may still travel to Sydney or Melbourne but shall be subject to the passenger cap mandated by the Australian government
  • Fully vaccinated eligible visa holders may travel to Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption. 
  • Fully vaccinated Travelers from Safe Travel Zones (New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Republic of Korea) 

General Requirements

Travel Documents

 For more information on Australia’s latest announcements regarding COVID-19, please visit

Cebu Pacific Australia Travel Requirements

Open for tourists

Updated as of July 6, 2022

The Australian government has lifted COVID-19 border restrictions. Guests bound for Sydney are only required to present a valid visa, for applicable passport holders.

Click here for more information about traveling to Australia.

All guests exiting the Philippines are required to print and fill out the Bureau of Immigration form before your flight. Click here to download the form and have it ready upon check-in.

These are Australia travel requirements we have as of the date indicated. Requirements may change from time to time without prior notice. Please continue checking with the Australian government for the complete list of entry requirements (e.g., visa, waiver forms, etc.) depending on your nationality.

COVID Australia Travel Requirements for Arriving Local Passengers Disclaimer: Please note that there may be multiple travel requirements for each international destination. These rules are subject to change by the issuing foreign government authority and are issued for our passengers and the public’s safety. As these requirements may change at short notice, the advisories above serve as a general guide.

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