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With Antique Tourist Spots and Travel Guide, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of your trip. This brief Travel Info contains all the information you need to know about the amazing Antique, from flight availability and promos, to where to stay and what attractions you can’t miss. So if you’re looking for information for our trip to Antique, look no further than Antique Travel Guide by BiyaheFinder!

Antique Tourist Spots And Travel Guide
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Antique Travel Requirements

Getting to Antique

Antique Flights Schedule

RouteAirAsia Flight ScheduleCebu Pacific Flight SchedulePhilippine Airlines Flight ScheduleOther Airlines
Manila to Antique3x a week (Wed, Fri, Sun)
Antique to Manila3x a week (Wed, Fri, Sun)

The flight schedule shown above was updated on November 1, 2022, for the Month of November 2022. Airlines frequently change their schedule without notice, so it is best always to check out the airlines’ official websites.

The different airlines are constantly changing their flight schedules to and from Evelio B. Javier Airport in Antique in the light of travel restrictions and cancellations brought about by the pandemic.
Blank cells mean there are no flights for that particular route to and from Antique.

Antique Airfare Promos and Seat Sales

Check out the latest promos to and from Antique. Blank cells mean the particular airline does not have any promos going to or coming from Antique.

RouteAirAsiaCebu PacificPhilippine AirlinesOthers
Manila to Antique
Antique to Manila

For the latest promos appearing above, please click on the respective links below for more information like booking and travel periods:

To and From Antique Land Transport Services

RouteLand Transport Service
Manila to San Jose de Buenavista, AntiqueStandard Bus+Ferry by Ceres Transport
This is a Standard Bus+Ferry from Manila to San Jose de Buenavista, Panay Island with Ceres Transport. This is a direct Bus+Ferry trip.
Batangas to San Jose de Buenavista, AntiqueStandard Bus+Ferry by Ceres Transport
This is a Standard Bus+Ferry from Batangas to San Jose de Buenavista, Panay Island with Ceres Transport. This is a direct Bus+Ferry trip.
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To and From Antique Ferry Services

One can get to Antique by land from Aklan (Kalibo/Caticlan) or Iloilo via Roll-On Roll-Off Ferry from Manila. The Lipata seaport in Culasi and the San Jose seaport in the province’s capital are two of the province’s major ports.

RouteFerry Service
Ferry Services to KaliboClick here to see all Ferry Services to Kalibo
Take a bus to the Ceres Bus Terminal in Kalibo. Board a Pandan or San Jose-bound bus (this will be determined by your final destination) to get to Antique. The journey takes around two to three hours.
Ferry Services to IloiloClick here to see all Ferry Services to Iloilo
Get on a van from Molo Terminal to Antique. Travel time is around three hours. The cost ranges from P180-200.
Ferry Services to CaticlanClick here to see all Ferry Services to Caticlan
To get to Caticlan Jetty Port, look for and board a tricycle. Look out for the Ceres buses going to Antique. The journey will take you anywhere from two to three hours.
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Getting Around Antique

Jeepneys, tricycles (motorbikes with sidecars), and hired cars are all viable options for getting around Antique. The drivers of the Jeepney or trike are experienced, and the fares are really cheap.

Tricycles are the main mode of transportation in all towns of Antique. Buses and jeepneys provide service for inter-town travel. As of 2019, commercial motorcycle rentals are not yet available in the province, though they arrangements may be made with locals for rentals of their personal units.

Antique Travel: Best Hotels

Check out the best hotels in Antique as guest-rated on The best Antique Travel hotels rated in the platform are categorized according to value or budget (one to two stars) and mid-high end (three to five stars) hotels. Click on the link to check out the hotel photos, amenities, nightly rate, and room availability.

Best Value or Budget Antique HotelsRating
Le Palme Beach Resort7.6
RedDoorz @ LS Suites Poblacion Culasi AntiqueAwaiting Reviews
Godo’s Hotel and RestaurantAwaiting Reviews
Mid-High End (3- to 5-Star) Antique HotelsRating
Bugang Riverside Inn9.1
Phaidon Beach Resort8.2
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Best Time for Antique Travel

Best Time to Visit AntiqueReason to Visit Antique during this time
November to JanuaryIdeal weather
The best time to go to the Philippines’ Antique is from November to January when the weather will be cooler and there will be little rainfall. The tropical monsoon climate rules throughout the province of Antique. High temperatures and a lot of rainfall are experienced from May through October. In March, the average temperature is 30°C, while in January, it is 28°C.
January to FebruaryPatuyaw Festival (Sebaste)
The Patuyaw is a freshwater shrimp that thrives in the streams, rivers, brooks, and creeks of the municipality. It represents the connection between Sebastehanon and tje environment, providing a valuable source of food and livelihood for its citizens. It is observed from January 23 to February 2 each year.
Bugas sa Lusong Festival (Bugasong)
Bugasong is noted as one of the province’s rice granaries, which are celebrated every second week of January to promote cultural and spiritual regeneration.
DecemberBinirayan Festival (Province-wide)
The Binirayan Festival is an event held in the Philippines’ Antique Province. The term “Binirayan” refers to where they sailed to (to Panay). The Binirayan Festival honors the story of how the ten Bornean Datus arrived on Panay, which is now known as Anino. The Binirayan Festival is an annual event that has expanded to become a fun vacation destination for thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are beauty pageants, cultural shows, street dancing, parades, and arts and crafts local products exhibits. To promote the komedyas traditional folk theater in 2006, the Binirayan Foundation launched the Komedya Antiqueña as a sub-festival.
April – MayTiringbanay Festival (San Jose de Buenavista)
The Tiringbanay Festival is held from April 30 to May 1 in memory of the parish’s patron saint, St. Joseph the Worker, each year. The culture, beliefs, and bonding of San Jose’s people are shown in Tiringbanay Festival. It also exhibits the city’s major industries: farming and fishing.
MarchBanigan Festival (Libertad)
This celebration is held in honor of the Banig people’s creative weaving. The term “Banigan” comes from the word banig, which was their main source of income. The purpose of this event is to encourage Antique residents, particularly Libertadans, to utilize their expertise and create something valuable throughout the world.
Madia-as Festival (Culasi)
Celebrated in March, Madia-as Festival honors the lovely women of Culasi in March. It also signifies Panay’s tallest peak, Mount Madia-as.
AprilTatusan Festival (Caluya)
The origin of the Tatusan Festival is a type of coconut crab known as tatus, which is quite rare and costly burrowing on land. Every April 9 to 11, the Tatusan Festival is held.
Tugbong Festival – Pandan
Tugbong is a Korean cultural holiday that signifies “to go to the town.” On April 21 to 25, Pandan celebrates this ritual. It is their way of paying homage to Pandanon’s best cultural and traditional heritage, despite its geographical location.

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