Philippine Airlines Flight Schedule December 2020 and Onwards

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Philippine Airlines Flight Schedule December 2020: Philippine Airlines releases the latest update on its scheduled flights for selected international and domestic routes. This PAL Flight Advisory is updated as of December 3, 2020. The Philippine Airlines Flight Status is updated from the official PAL News and Events page.

This flight schedule might be outdated. Click here for the updated Philippine Airlines Flight Schedule.

Philippine Airlines Flight Schedule December 2020

Amid a national lockdown, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has been providing flights to accommodate essential travelers. Running on limited and flexible programs, the flights are accessible to qualified passengers who meet entry requirements within their destination cities and states. Below is a listing of PAL flights throughout the pandemic to be aware of:

Philippine Airlines Flight Schedule December 2020: Domestic Flights
Manila — Basco — Manila (15 and 30 Dec)
Manila — Laoag — Manila (Friday; Additionally Tuesday beginning 14 Dec)
Manila — Legazpi — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Manila — Puerto Princesa — Manila (Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday; Daily beginning 7 Dec)
Manila — Coron through Busuanga — Manila (Daily beginning 7 Dec)
Manila — Cebu — Manila (Daily)
Manila — Bacolod — Manila (Monday, Friday except for 25 Dec)
Manila — Iloilo — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Manila — Catarman — Manila (Friday; Additionally Monday beginning 14 Dec)
Manila — Dumaguete — Manila (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday)
Manila — Antique through San Jose — Manila (Wednesday, Saturday)
Manila — Kalibo — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Manila — Caticlan — Manila (Daily)
Manila — Roxas — Manila (4 Dec; Monday, Wednesday, Friday beginning 7 Dec)
Manila — Tacloban — Manila (3 Dec; Daily beginning 4 Dec)
Manila — Tagbilaran — Manila (Daily)
Manila — Butuan — Manila (Daily)
Manila — Cotabato — Manila (Daily)
Manila — Cagayan de Oro — Manila (Daily)
Manila -Dipolog — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
Manila — Davao — Manila (Daily)
Manila — General Santos — Manila (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Manila — Siargao — Manila (Thursday beginning 10 Dec)
Manila — Ozamiz- Manila (Wednesday, Friday; Additionally Monday, Thursday, Saturday from 7 to 13 Dec; Daily beginning 14 Dec)
Manila — Pagadian — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday; Daily beginning 14 except 15 Dec)
Manila — Zamboanga — Manila (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
Clark — Cebu — Clark (Friday)
Clark — Davao — Clark (Friday)
Cebu — Puerto Princesa — Cebu (Tuesday, Friday)
Cebu — Coron through Busuanga — Cebu (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday; Additionally Saturday from 14 to 20 Dec; Daily beginning 21 Dec)
Cebu — Legazpi — Cebu (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Cebu — Bacolod — Cebu (Friday except for 25 Dec)
Cebu — Caticlan — Cebu (Friday, Sunday beginning 18 Dec)
Cebu — Tacloban — Cebu (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Cebu — Davao — Cebu (Tuesday, Saturday)
Cebu — Cagayan de Oro — Cebu (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday except for 6 Dec)
Cebu — Zamboanga — Cebu (Monday)
Cebu — General Santos — Cebu (Wednesday, Sunday)
Cebu — Siargao — Cebu (Sunday beginning 13 Dec)
Cebu — Dipolog — Cebu (Tuesday)
Cebu — Butuan — Cebu (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Davao — Tagbilaran — Davao (Thursday, Sunday)
Davao — Zamboanga — Davao (Monday, Saturday beginning 5 Dec)

Click this link if you’re looking for Cebu Pacific Domestic Flight December 2020 Schedule instead.

Be aware that every national destination includes another travel condition that you’ll be able to learn more about here. Also, don’t forget to consult the local authorities of your arrival city or municipality so that you may accomplish these demands ahead of your trip. PAL December flights from Manila to Philippine states leave from and arrive at NAIA Terminal 2.

Philippine Airlines Flight Schedule December 2020: International Flights
Manila — Los Angeles — Manila (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday; Additionally Saturday beginning 14 Dec)
Manila — San Francisco — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday; Additionally Friday beginning 14 Dec)
Manila — New York (Wednesday, Friday)
New York — Manila (Thursday, Saturday)
Manila — Honolulu — Manila (Friday; Additionally Thursday beginning 14 Dec)
Manila — Guam (Sunday; Additionally Thursday beginning 7 Dec)
Guam — Manila (Monday; Additionally Friday beginning 8 Dec)
Manila — Toronto — Manila (Wednesday)
Manila — Vancouver — Manila (Thursday, Saturday)
Manila — London through Heathrow — Manila (Thursday, Saturday before 19 Dec; Additionally 29 Dec)
Manila — Sydney (6, 10, and 19 Dec)
Sydney — Manila (7, 11, and 20 Dec; Register here)
Melbourne — Manila (7 and 20 Dec; Register here)
Brisbane — Manila (11 Dec; Register here)
Manila — Auckland (18 Dec)
Auckland — Manila (18 Dec)
Manila — Port Moresby (19 Dec)
Port Moresby — Manila (20 Dec)
Manila — Singapore — Manila (Daily)
Manila — Kuala Lumpur — Manila (2, 12, 19, 23, and 29 Dec)
Manila — Jakarta (Wednesday, Sunday)
Jakarta — Manila (Monday, Thursday)
Bangkok — Manila (2, 16, and 30 Dec)
Manila — Phnom Penh — Manila (Friday)
Hanoi — Manila (11, 18, and 28 Dec)
Ho Chi Minh City — Manila (9, 19, 21, and 28 Dec)
Manila — Tokyo through Haneda — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Sunday; 17 Dec)
Manila- Tokyo through Narita — Manila (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; Daily beginning 16 Dec)
Cebu — Tokyo through Narita — Cebu (5 and 19 Dec)
Manila — Fukuoka — Manila (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)
Manila — Osaka through Kansai — Manila (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; Daily beginning 21 Dec)
Manila — Nagoya — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday; Additionally Friday beginning 14 Dec)
Manila — Hong Kong — Manila (Daily)
Manila — Taipei — Manila (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
Manila — Seoul through Incheon — Manila (9 Dec)
Manila — Dubai — Manila (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; Daily by 10 to 21 Dec)
Manila — Dammam — Manila (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday except 22 and 31 Dec)
Manila — Riyadh — Manila (Daily except for 22 Dec)
Manila — Doha — Manila (2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 14, 17, 18, 20, 25, and 27 Dec)

Be aware that you must enroll with PAL three or more days ahead of your trip to the Philippines for global passengers flying into the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This is in preparation for the mandatory COVID-19 swab test (RT-PCR) upon birth. Returning OFWs may enroll through the Philippine Red Cross e-CIF System, while non-OFWs can enroll directly through this hyperlink.

For global passengers flying into the Mactan Cebu International Airport, you should also first enroll through the Passenger Arrival Registration Form a minimum of five times ahead of your flight. Meanwhile, the passengers coming from Clark International Airport are required to Complete that the Health Declaration Card, Case Analysis Form, and Affidavit of Undertaking. These records will be collected upon arrival.

PAL December 2020 flights from Manila to overseas depart from NAIA Terminal 1 and arrive at NAIA Terminal 2.

Effective November 28, 2020, all travelers should have the TRAZE Contact Tracing app before entering Philippine airports. For those with no mobile phones, it is possible to visit a Traze Helpdesk near an airport’s terminal entry or entrance area. Travelers leaving from Manila also choose to shoot their RT-PCR evaluation at PAL’s new testing facility situated at 540 Padre Faura corner Adriatico Street, Ermita.

What’s more, the nation’s flag carrier reminds all passengers to stay informed about their own advisories for potential alterations in PAL flights throughout the pandemic on account of the rising quarantine and travel limitations. In case of those modifications, passengers may rebook, request a refund, or shop their ticket at a travel coupon.

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