PAL Flights Resumption Eyed on April 15, 2020 at the Soonest

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In its latest press statement, PAL flights resumption is eyed on April 15, 2020. Philippine Airlines’ last international flight departed Manila to the United States on March 25, 2020, as the country rides out a lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It had been reported earlier that Philippine Airlines suspended international flights from March 26 to April 14 as more nations tightened travel constraints, travel demand collapsed, and the ongoing lockdown made staffing hard amid measures to contain the coronavirus disease 2019.

Whether it’ll be a full-blown resumption or a partial resumption, that’ll be subject to an updated announcement, PAL spokeswoman Cielo Villaluna told DZMM.

PAL’s domestic flights have been suspended from March 17, the start of the enhanced quarantine in Luzon, Villaluna said.

Luzon, home to half of the nation’s 100 million people, is on lockdown until April 12, where individuals are required to stay home, and businesses are closed except establishments with crucial roles like banks, groceries, and pharmacies. Public transport has also been suspended.

Travel demand is down due to the lockdown, Villaluna said.

Many nations have also closed their boundaries. She said “we expect this type of scenario in the upcoming days, if not weeks,” she said.

Passengers with flights that are affected have the following options.

– Rebook their flights without re-booking fees.

– Refund the full amount without charges.

– Reroute the ticket on the exact same fare class.

Due to rigorous social distancing measures, passengers are encouraged to defer making any request for rebooking until April 12, 2020, PAL said.

Inquiries can be made via its hotline 885588 8 or e-mail address [email protected]. It said.

It can be remembered that all domestic flights were canceled as well until April 12 or to the whole length of the enhanced quarantine.

PAL explained that the heavy volume of calls and transactions should be anticipated. PAL earlier said it’d resume some international flights throughout the lockdown so it might post foreigners and deliver home OFWs.

Watch interview with PAL Spokesperson C Cielo on the plans for PAL flights resumption:

For more news on Philippine Airlines click here or head on to Philippine Airlines official website.

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