Cebu Pacific Offers Flexible Options for Passengers Affected by “No Vaccination, No Fly” Policy

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Cebu Pacific will completely comply with and support the Philippine government’s order to limit public transportation access to unvaccinated passengers flying to or from the National Capital Region (NCR) while the area is under Alert Level 3 or higher, providing affected passengers with flexible options.

In the latest DOTR directive, all domestic airlines, which operate scheduled or non-scheduled commercial services to and from NCR, must fly only fully vaccinated persons to and from NCR starting January 17. Unless exempted, like the following:

  • Those who cannot obtain complete COVID-19 vaccination due to a medical contraindication, as evidenced by a signed and dated medical certificate from a doctor with full names and contact information.
  • Individuals who will obtain critical things and services, such as food, water, medicine, medical devices, public utilities, energy, work, and medical and dental necessities based on a barangay health pass or other appropriate evidence to validate their need.

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All passengers entering and exiting the NCR will be screened, validated, and allowed on board by Cebu Pacific for this purpose. A person is considered fully vaccinated after two weeks following the second dose in a two-dose series, such as the Moderna, Pfizer, or Sinovac vaccines, or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Janssen’s Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

CEB extends flexible alternatives to passengers who cannot go as a result of the government order until January 31. Passengers may cancel up to two (2) hours before their scheduled departure time and select their preferred choice via the Cebu Pacific Manage Booking portal ( on the company’s website:

1. Rebook

Following CEB’s permanent elimination of change fees, you can use your points to book reservations for travel within 60 days at no extra charge. The cost difference is waived.

2. Travel Fund

Use this to book a new flight or pay for add-ons (e.g., baggage allowance, seat selection, etc.) by storing the amount in a virtual CEB wallet valid for two years.

“Cebu Pacific continues to protect the safety of its passengers and crew. As a result, Cebu Pacific will comply with the most recent government order to safeguard the majority. We guarantee that everyjuan’s journey is as simple and painless as possible, despite recent difficulties. We appeal to everyone’s patience and understanding due to this regulation. Cebu Pacific is dedicated to getting you on your way as soon as feasible after conditions become safer for the majority of us.” said Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing & Customer Experience of Cebu Pacific.

100% fully vaccinated active flying crew operates CEB. Before they are assigned to fly flights, our pilots and cabin crew go through frequent antigen testing (Test Before Duty). To ensure the safety of its staff and passengers, CEB has already started a booster program.

This is a developing situation. Passengers are advised to update their contact information on so that CEB may continue notifying guests about flight cancellations, reminders, and updates.

When traveling to the airport, visitors are advised to check the CEB website for important information such as travel requirements, safety procedures, and commonly asked questions (FAQs):

Cebu Pacific passengers may use Charlie the Chatbot on the airline’s website to submit inquiries or complaints.

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